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Sea & Shore

On the bridge of mighty liners, or the grey clad men'o war,                                                                                                                  
On the poop of Island schooners, Bare poled in the cyclones roar

In tramps and yachts and tanker-craft, And the ships off to explore,                                                                                                              
You'll find the men you knew as boys, In the Mizzen, Main or Fore.


In the Celebes and Siam, In the Caribbean cays,                                                         

On the Niger and Euphrates, Praying God for a fine breeze,                                         

In the role of chief surveyor, or the Guardian of the Trees,                                            

You'll meet again the cutter's crew, Whose rowlock's you tried to seize.


On the fringe of every Ocean, On the frontiers of new lands,                                         

They are "Baas", or "Chief" or "Tuan", Controlling the sweating clans,                              

In the mines and on the ranches, In HQ's and Ops and Plans,                                      

You'll meet the chaps you raced aloft, When the pipe called "Main-top hands".


On the bridge of sleek destroyers, And the freighters deep and long,                              

With the Mounties on the prairies, Singing a maritime song,                                              

In the last foresaken rearguard, Where only the best belong,                                       

You'll find the comrades whose motto, Says "Quit ye like men, be strong".

Commander WCA Robinson RNR (Ret'd) Conway (1911-13).


The following articles describe OCs' service around the world at sea and ashore




List of Uniformed Services and Units

List of Emergency Services

OCs also turned their hands to...

Other Notable Achievements




The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company (Burma)  (being drafted)

The Lake Steamer Service (East Africa)

Chinese Maritime Customs (Shanghai)

The Nigerian Marine

WWII - The Battle of the Atlantic

WWII - The Arctic Convoys


Conway cadets have served in the following shipping lines, navies and maritime organisations around the world. In addition, in the late 1800s, many sailing vessels were not part of big shipping companies but many companies with just one or two  vessels. The sailing vessels OCs sailed in are listed in old The Cadet magazines but are too numerous to mention here.

For more information on many of these companies click here.     For images of funnels and house flags Click here.

OK Worcesters, Pangbournes, Bothas et al beat this:

  1. Abu Dhabi Defence Force (Marine Section)
  2. Abu Dhabi National Tanker Co
  3. Adela SS Co
  4. Adelaide Steamship Co
  5. African Steamship Line (Co)
  6. Aitken Lilburn & Co
  7. Al- Rafic Salvage & Towage (Kuwait)
  8. Alcan Bermuda Shipping Ltd
  9. Alfred Booth & Co
  10. Alfred Holt & Co
  11. Alcan Shipping (Montreal)
  12. Alexander & Co
  13. All American Cables & Radio Inc (cable ships)
  14. All Red Line (San Francisco)
  15. Allen & Black (Sunderland)
  16. Ambra Management
  17. American Hawaiian Co
  18. American Overseas Tanker Corp.
  19. American President Lines
  20. Amoy Revenue Service Launch Sqn
  21. Anchor Line
  22. Anchor Shipping Company of Nelson (N.Z.)
  23. Andrew Weir Shipping
  24. Andrew Youle & Co
  25. Angfartygs A/B Tirfing (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  26. Anglo American Oil Co
  27. Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co
  28. ANL Alltrans
  29. Anthony & Bainbridge (Newcastle)
  30. Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company
  31. Aran Ferries
  32. Argentina State Shipping Co
  33. Argentinian Navy
  34. Argyle Shipping Co (Bermuda)
  35. Arklow Shipping
  36. Arya National Shipping Company (Iran)
  37. Asiatic Steam Navigation Co (Singapore)
  38. ASP Ship Management Group
  39. Associated Container Transportation(ACT)
  40. Associated HUmber Lines
  41. Associated Steamships (Australia)
  42. Astoria Shipping Co
  43. Athell Line / Tankers
  44. Atlantic Container Line (ACL)
  45. Atlantic Steam Navigation Co
  46. Atlantic Transport Line
  47. Atlantic Transport Service Company
  48. Austasia Line (Singapore)
  49. Australia National Line
  50. Australian Steam Ship Company
  51. Australian Territory Liner Services (ATLS)
  52. Australian United Steam Navigation Co
  53. Balfour, Williamson & Co
  54. Baltic Shipping Co
  55. Bank Line
  56. Barge Express (Darwin)
  57. Baron Line
  58. Batavian Petroleum Maatschippi
  59. Beaver Line (Canada)
  60. Bedford Institute of Oceongraphy (USA)
  61. Belfast Steam Shipping Co
  62. Bell & Co
  63. Bell Line NV (Dublin)
  64. Ben Line
  65. Bengal Coal Co
  66. Bethel Gwyn & Co
  67. Berthing Master (Port Rashid, Dubai)
  68. Beynon & Co
  69. BHP Ltd
  70. Bibby Line
  71. Bigland Brown & Co
  72. Black & Black SS Co
  73. Black Moore & Co
  74. Black Star (Ghana)
  75. Blue Anchor Line
  76. Blue Circle Cement Shipping Co
  77. Blue Funnel Line
  78. Blue Star Line
  79. Blystad Shipping (Norway)
  80. Bohannen Line (Panama)
  81. Bolton Steamship Co
  82. Bombay & Persian Steam Navigation Co
  83. Booker Line
  84. Booth Line / Booth Steamship C
  85. Border Tankers
  86. Bowater Steamship Company
  87. BP Tanker Co
  88. Branch Line
  89. Brett & Beaufroy
  90. Bridge Line
  91. Bristol Channel Steamers
  92. Bristol City Line
  93. Bristol Steam Navigation Co
  94. Britain Steamship Co Ltd (later Watts & Watts)
  95. British African Company
  96. British Antarctic Survey
  97. British & Argentine Steam Navigation Co
  98. British & Burma Steam Navigation Co
  99. British & Commonwealth Line
  100. British & Eastern Shipping Co
  101. British Channel Island Ferrie
  102. British Columbia Ferries
  103. British Columbia Salvage Association
  104. British East Africa(n) Lake Service
  105. British Phosphate Commissioners
  106. British India Steam Navigation Company
  107. British Missionery Society
  108. British Molasses Co
  109. British Rail Hovercraft Ltd (Seaspeed)
  110. British Rail Marine Dept
  111. British Rail South West
  112. British Rhine Flotilla (Koln)
  113. British Shipowners Company
  114. British Steamship Co
  115. British Tanker Co Ltd
  116. British Underwater Engineering
  117. British Yukon Navigation Co
  118. Britship (IOM) Ltd
  119. Brocklebank Line
  120. Broderson & Broy
  121. Broken Hill Line Pty (NSW)
  122. Brook line
  123. Brookes Bell & Co
  124. Bryon Steamship Co
  125. BT Marine
  126. BU. Marine
  127. Bucknalls Steam Ship Co
  128. Bulk Acid Shipping
  129. Bullard King
  130. Buries Marks
  131. Burma Government Marine
  132. Burmah Oil Co.(Tankers) Ltd
  133. Burnet Steamship Co
  134. Burns Steamship Co
  135. Burns Philp (Australia) Pty Ltd
  136. Buries Markes
  137. Butterfield & Swires China Steam Navigation Co
  138. Byron SS Co
  139. C G Dunn & Co (Liverpool)
  140. C Y Tung Line
  141. Cable & Wireless
  142. Cairn Line
  143. Caladonian MacBraynes
  144. Calcutta River Survey Service
  145. Caltex Tankers
  146. Campbell Findlay & Co (Greenock)
  147. Campbell Maritime Ltd
  148. Canada Steamship Lines (Montreal)
  149. Canadian British Aluminum Co
  150. Canadian Cable Co
  151. Canadian Coast Guard Service
  152. Canadian Fisheries Protection Service
  153. Canadian Government Merchant Marine
  154. Canadian Hydrographic Service
  155. Canadian Marine Drilling Co
  156. Canadian National Steamships Ltd
  157. Canadian Northern (Railways) Steamships Ltd
  158. Canadian Pacific Railroads (Coastal Fleet) / Canadian Pacific Ferries
  159. Canadian Pacific Steamship Co
  160. Canadian (Canada?) Steamship Co
  161. Canterbury Steam Ship Co
  162. Canton River Service
  163. Caribean Molasses Co.
  164. Caribbean Shipping (Texas)
  165. Carisbrooke Shipping
  166. Carmichael & Co (Glasgow)
  167. Carmichaels & Stewart
  168. Cayzar Irvine
  169. Ceina Mutual SS Co
  170. Celtic Tankers
  171. Central American Shipping Co
  172. Central Shipping (Manila)
  173. Ceol Mor Shipping
  174. Ceres Hellenic Shipping (Piraeus)
  175. Cermar Shipping, Dublin
  176. Ceylon Imperial Lighthouse Service
  177. Ceylon Shipping Co
  178. Ceylon Steamship Co
  179. Chadwick, Wainwright & Co
  180. Chagargeur-Delmar (France)
  181. Chambers & Co
  182. Chandris Tankers
  183. Chapman & Willan (Chatty Chapmans)
  184. Chapman & Flint (New York)
  185. Charente Shipping Company
  186. Charleton, McAllum & Co
  187. Charles Hills
  188. Charles Wille (Cardiff)
  189. Charlton McCullum & Co
  190. Chesapeake and Ohio Steamship Co
  191. Chevron Tankship (UK)
  192. Chin Seng Hong (Thailand)
  193. China Line
  194. China Coast Service (Tsong, Lim Chin)
  195. China/Chinese  Maritime Customs
  196. China Mutual Steam Navigation Co
  197. China Navigation Company
  198. China Ocean Shipping (HK) Ltd
  199. Chine Shipping Co
  200. Chinese Customs Maritime Service
  201. Chinook Navigation Co
  202. CI Shipping (part of the B&C Group)
  203. City Line
  204. City & Hall Line
  205. City of Cork Steamship Co
  206. City of Dublin Steam Navigation Co
  207. Clan Line Steamers
  208. Claude Ferrier & Sons
  209. Clyde Marine
  210. Coast Line
  211. Cocos & Freemantle Cable Co
  212. Coldwell Line (Hong Kong)
  213. Colonial Oil
  214. Colonial Sugar Refining Co. of Sydney
  215. Columbus Line
  216. Comben, Longstaff & Co
  217. Combs Marshall & Co
  218. Commercial Cable Co
  219. Commissioners of Irish Lights
  220. Commodore Shipping (Guernsey)
  221. Common Brothers
  222. Commonwealth & Dominion Line
  223. Commonwealth Government Line
  224. Commonwealth Lighthouse Service
  225. Comprehensive Shipping
  226. Constantine Line
  227. Continental Line
  228. Conway Line (NI) (founder of)
  229. Cook Strait Ferries (NZ)
  230. Coombes Marshal & Co (Middlesborough)
  231. Corfields
  232. Corsar (Liverpool)
  233. Cork-Swansea Ferries
  234. Cory & Co
  235. Cotesworth Lyne & Co (Liverpool)
  236. Counties SS Co
  237. County Line
  238. Court Line
  239. Cowasjee Line (Karachi)
  240. Crawford and Rowat Line (Canada)
  241. Crawley Tugs (Los Angeles)
  242. Cross Channel Steamers Ltd
  243. Crow, Rudolph & Co
  244. Crusader Shipping Co
  245. Cuban Navy (1909)
  246. Cunard Cargo Shipping
  247. Cunard Steam Ship Co
  248. Currie Line
  249. D & E Shipping
  250. Dalgleish & Co
  251. Dalraida Steam Packet Company (founder of)
  252. De Wolf & Son (Liverpool)
  253. Dealgan Shipping Co. Ltd
  254. Delta Shipping (Gothenburg)
  255. Dene Shipping Company
  256. Denholm (Bermuda)
  257. Denholme SS Co
  258. Dennison's Coasters (Kirkwall)
  259. Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Food (England)
  260. Department of Energy Mines & Resources, Canada
  261. Devitt Moore & Co
  262. Doha Marine Services
  263. Dominion Lines
  264. Don Line
  265. Donald Kennedy
  266. Donaldson Line
  267. Donaldson, Rose & Co (Aberdeen)
  268. Doure & Co
  269. Douglas SS Co
  270. Dowgate Steamship Co
  271. Ducal Line
  272. Dundalk Port Authority
  273. Dundee Clipper Line
  274. Durban Lines
  275. E Stephens & Co
  276. E C Friend & Co
  277. E D Sassoon & Co (Bombay)
  278. E P & W Roberts (Liverpool)
  279. E R Peel & Co
  280. E T Gourlay (Sunderland)
  281. Eagle Container Line (ECL Contship)
  282. Eagle Oil Shipping Co
  283. Eagle Tugs (Mombasa)
  284. East & West Steamship Co
  285. East African Railways & Harbours (Marine Branch)
  286. Eastbound Line
  287. Eastern Telegraph Co (Malta)
  288. Eastern & Australian SS Co
  289. Ecuadorian Line
  290. Edinburgh & London Shipping Co
  291. Edmondson & Rose & Co
  292. Egyptian Mail SS Co
  293. Elder Dempster Lines
  294. Elders & Fyffes Line
  295. Elderslie Steam Ship Co
  296. Egyptian Mail Steamship Co
  297. Egyptian Navy
  298. Ellerman Line
  299. Ellerman & Bucknell Shipping
  300. Ellerman Associated Line
  301. Ellerman Hall Line
  302. Ellerman Wilson Line
  303. Energy Mines & Resources (Canada)
  304. Engen Oil
  305. Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd
  306. Eureka Shipping (Piraeus)
  307. European Marine Contractors
  308. Everett Orient Line
  309. Everett Steamship Co (Calcutta)
  310. Evergreen Line
  311. F Laeisz (Hamburg)
  312. F C Street (London)
  313. F C Strick & Co Ltd
  314. F.T.Everard
  315. Falkland Islands Maritime Service
  316. Fao Bar Dredging Service (Iraq)
  317. Far East Hydrofoil Co. Ltd (Hong Kong)
  318. Farracoe Shipping Co
  319. Farrell Lines (USA)
  320. Fast Cat Ferries Ltd (NZ)
  321. Federal Commerce and Navigation (Montreal)
  322. Federal Offshore Services, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  323. Federal Line
  324. Federal Steam Navigation Company
  325. Fernie Brothers
  326. Govenor' of Fiji's Yacht
  327. Finanglia Ferries
  328. Finlay & Co
  329. Fisher & Sprout
  330. Fisheries & Oceans (Canada)
  331. Fleet Air Arm
  332. Flying P Line, (Gustaf Erikson, Mariehamn)
  333. Forth Tankers
  334. Frank Krick & Co (India)
  335. Foss Shipping
  336. Freeport Cruise Lines, Grand Bahama)
  337. Freight Express Seacon
  338. French Navy
  339. Furness Ship Management
  340. Furness Withy & Co Ltd
  341. Fyffes Group
  342. G Duncan & Co
  343. G Heyn & Sons
  344. G Marshall & Co
  345. G M Steves & Co
  346. George  S Milne & Co (sailing ships)
  347. G Thompson & Co
  348. Gardner & Co
  349. Gardline Shipping
  350. Garmouth
  351. Gas Pac Shipping Co (Tonga)
  352. Geest Line
  353. Gellaty, Hanker & Co
  354. General Maritime S.A. (Casablanca)
  355. General Steam Navigation Co
  356. George Gibson & Co (ofLeith)
  357. George Horsley & Co (West Hartlepool)
  358. George Nisbett & Co
  359. General Steam Navigation Co
  360. Gibraltar Contraband Service
  361. Gibson & Clarke (Glasgow)
  362. Gillison & Chadwick (Liverpool)
  363. Glasgow Line
  364. Glen & Shire Line
  365. Global Chemical Tankers (Torshavn, Faroe Islands)
  366. Global Marine Inc (Los Angeles)
  367. Globtik Tankers
  368. Glyn & Sons
  369. Glynn Line
  370. Gold Star Line (Hong Kong)
  371. Golden Bay Cement Company (NZ)
  372. Golden Line (Singapore)
  373. Goodyear & Co
  374. Government Telegraph Service
  375. Governmemnt Lake Service, BEA
  376. Governmemnt of Tonga Marine Service
  377. Gow Harrrison & Co
  378. GPO Cable Ships
  379. Gracie, Beazley & Co
  380. Gray McKenzie (Bahrein and Dubai)
  381. Great Western Railway's Ferry Service
  382. Great White Fleet
  383. Green R Line (South Africa)
  384. Griffin Shipping (Coldwells Hong Kong)  
  385. Gulf East Shipping
  386. Gulf Line
  387. Gulf Oil
  388. Gulf Steamships
  389. Guinea Gulf Line
  390. Gustaf Erikson Line
  391. Guthrie & Co (London)
  392. Gypsum Transport Co
  393. H A S Bond (New Zealand)
  394. HM Cableship Service
  395. HM Coastguard
  396. HM Telegraph Ships
  397. H W Dillon & Co
  398. Hadden & Co (Singapore)
  399. Hadley Shipping Co
  400. Hain Steamship Company
  401. Haldin & Phillips
  402. Hall Line
  403. Hansa Line
  404. Hardie & Co
  405. Hargreaves, Ferguson & Jackson
  406. Hargrove & Helen (Liverpool)
  407. Harley Mullion (Hong Kong)
  408. Harris & Dixon (London)
  409. Harrison Crossfield Medal (Sumatra)
  410. Harrowing & Co (Whitby)
  411. Haws & Co
  412. Hayes Shipping
  413. Hayton & Simpson
  414. Head Line
  415. Head-Donaldson Line (Belfast)
  416. Headline Shipping
  417. Hebridean International Cruises
  418. Hector Whaling Co
  419. Hedlams (Whity)
  420. Hella Carribean Steamship Company
  421. Henderson Line
  422. Henry F Watt
  423. Heron & Dunn (Liverpool)s
  424. Hogarth & Son
  425. Holland Africa Line
  426. Holm & Co Shipping (New Zealand)
  427. Holyhead And Kingstown Royal Mail Service
  428. Hong Kong & Borneo Shipping Co
  429. Hong Kong & Japan Line
  430. Hong Kong Canton River Steamers
  431. Hong Kong Macau Hydrofoil Co
  432. Hong Kong Marine Police
  433. Hoogly River Survey Service
  434. Horsley & Co
  435. Houlder Brothers
  436. Houston Line
  437. HoverKaz inc
  438. Hovertravel Ltd
  439. Howard Smith Line (Sydney, Australia)
  440. Huawei Offshore (Pepoles' Republic of China)
  441. Hudson Steam Navigation Company
  442. Hugh Roberts and Sons (Newcastle)
  443. Hugli River Survey Steamers
  444. Hugo Stinnes & Co
  445. Hull Gates Shipping Co
  446. Hunting & Son
  447. IF Co
  448. IFR Services
  449. Illwara & South Coast SS Co
  450. Imperial & International Communications Ltd
  451. Imperial Oil Ltd
  452. IMT Shipping (Hamburg)
  453. India Office Shipping
  454. Indian General Navigation Company
  455. Indo Burma Petroleum Co
  456. Indo China Steam Navigation Co
  457. Inland Waterway Transport Co
  458. Inspector of Irish Lights
  459. Interisland Line (NZ)
  460. International Chartering plc
  461. International Marine Services, Dubai. (Insh'allah Marine)
  462. International Maritime Transport
  463. International Petroleum Ltd
  464. Inver Line
  465. Iranian Navy
  466. Iraq Petroleum Company
  467. Iredale & Porter
  468. Irish Lights Steam Ship Company
  469. Irish Sea Ferry Company
  470. Irish Shipping Co
  471. Irrawaddy Flotilla Co (Rangoon)
  472. Irvine & Johnson Trawlers (Cape Town)
  473. Isbrandtson Line
  474. Islamic Republic Of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL)Teheran
  475. Isle Of Man Coastal Service
  476. Isle Of Man Steam Packet Co
  477. Isle Of Wight Ferries
  478. Isles of Scilly Steamship Co
  479. Ismay, Imrie & Co
  480. Ivanavire
  481. Ivanovic & Co Ltd
  482. J Boyd
  483. J Edgar & Co
  484. J Hardie & Co
  485. J Hardy & Co
  486. J Herron & Co
  487. J Houston & Co
  488. J Howard & Co
  489. J Joyce & Co
  490. J Latter Shipping Co
  491. J Moss & Co
  492. J Mulhall
  493. J Nourse & Co
  494. J Willis & Co
  495. J Windrup & Co
  496. J H Welsford & Co
  497. J P Corrie & Co
  498. J. P. Knight
  499. J S Fry & Co
  500. J T Rennie & Son
  501. Jamaica Banana Producers
  502. Jamaican Defence Force Coast Guard
  503. James Chambers & Co
  504. James Cornfoot & Co
  505. James Fisher & Son
  506. James Nourse Ltd
  507. James Poole & Co
  508. Japan Line
  509. Jardine Matheson
  510. Jasmin Marine (Yarmouth)
  511. Jebsons International
  512. Jessmar Shipping (Great Yarmouth)
  513. John Cook & Son (Aberdeen)
  514. John Edgar & Co
  515. John Glynn & Sons
  516. John Joyce & Co
  517. John Stewart & Co
  518. Johnson Line
  519. Jones Brothers & Co (Cardiff)
  520. Jordain Shipping
  521. Joseph Steel & Co (New York)
  522. Joyce & Co
  523. Jubilee Sailing Trust
  524. Just & Co
  525. K Steamship Co
  526. Kapal
  527. Karlander New Guinea Line
  528. Karran & Co
  529. Kaye Shipping Co
  530. Kayes Tankers
  531. Kellock & Co
  532. Kenny & Mahon
  533. Kent Line (St Johns, New Brunswick(
  534. Kenya & Uganda Railway Marine
  535. Kerr Steamship Company (Canada)
  536. Khedivian Mail Line
  537. King Line
  538. Kingston Steam Trawling
  539. KKK Line
  540. Kristian Jebson (Bergen)
  541. Kuwait Oil Tanker Co
  542. Kuwait Shipping Line Co
  543. Lago Oil  Transport Co (Aruba)
  544. Lagos Shipping Co
  545. Lake Tankers (Venezuela)
  546. Lake Victoria Steamer Service
  547. Lanena Shipping Co. (Hong Kong)
  548. Lancashire Shipping Co
  549. Lancaster Line
  550. Landing & Shipping Co (Mombasa)
  551. Lane McAndrew & Co
  552. Lang & Fulton
  553. Lam Hai Steamship Co
  554. Lamport & Holt Line
  555. Lancaster Shipping Co
  556. Lane & Son
  557. Lang & Fuller
  558. Larrinaga Steamship Co
  559. Law Line
  560. Lees Trawlers
  561. Leith Salvage & Towing Co
  562. Lewis Davis & Co
  563. Leyland Line
  564. Libyan Navy
  565. Lion Shipping (Singapore)
  566. Liverpool & Glasgow Salvage Association
  567. Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company
  568. Liverpool Towing Co
  569. Lloyds Royal Belge Line
  570. Loch Line (Glasgow)
  571. Lockett & Wilson
  572. London & North Eastern Railway (Ferries)
  573. London & North Western Railway (Ferries)
  574. London & Overseas Freighters
  575. London Line
  576. London Gate Line
  577. London Marine Steamship Co
  578. London Ship Managers
  579. Lord Line (Belfast)
  580. Louis Davies & Co
  581. Low Lin
  582. Lund & Co
  583. Lykes Line
  584. Lyle Shipping Co (Glasgow)
  585. Lyne & Co
  586. MacAndrews & Co
  587. MacDiarmid & Greenshield
  588. Mackinnon Mackenzie
  589. MacLey & MacIntyre Ltd
  590. MacVicar, Marshall & Co
  591. McCay Shipping (Canada)
  592. McCowen & Cross
  593. McIlwreath & McEachan
  594. McGregor Gow & Co
  595. McVicar Marshall & Co
  596. Maersk Co
  597. Maesk Supply Service
  598. Maindy Line
  599. Mainland Market Deliveries
  600. Mairsh Supply Service (Copenhagen)
  601. Malasian Navy
  602. Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
  603. Manchester Liners
  604. Manchester Ship Canal Company
  605. Mansfield & Co (Penang)
  606. Manx Line
  607. MAP Tankers
  608. March Shipping (Montreal)
  609. Marconi Co
  610. Marico Marine New Zealand Ltd
  611. Marine Exploration Ltd
  612. Marine Survey Dept, Cayman Islands
  613. Marine Survey of India
  614. Maritime Fruit Carriers
  615. Maritime Services Board of NSW
  616. Marrs (Hull)
  617. Mavroleon & Co
  618. McDolmseys Shipping Co
  619. McIlwreth & McEachan
  620. McDomsley Shipping Co
  621. Melonesia Co ltd
  622. Meridian Marine Management
  623. Merlion Shipping Agency (Singapore)
  624. Meteorological Office (UK) Weather Ships
  625. Metson Marine
  626. Michalinos& Sons
  627. Mitchells of Woolwich
  628. Milton Marine Management
  629. Milton Stuart Shipping Co
  630. Ministry of Defence (UK)
  631. Mitchell Stevens & Co
  632. Mitsui OK Line
  633. Mobil Shipping Co
  634. Mogul Line
  635. Moller & Co (Shanghai)
  636. Monroe Brothers ( Liverpool)
  637. Montgomery Line
  638. Montreal Shipping Co
  639. Moore-McCormick Lines
  640. Morgan & Cadogan
  641. Moss Line
  642. Moss Hutchison Line
  643. Mount SS Co (London)
  644. Muhne Drilling
  645. Mullions (Mullisons?) (Hong Kong)
  646. Mungo Cambells
  647. Nash Dredging/Van Hattum en Blankevoort b.v.
  648. Natal Line
  649. National Bulk Carriers
  650. Natural Environment Research Council Fleet
  651. National Sea Rescue Institute (South Africa)
  652. Nauru Pacific Lines (Nauru)
  653. Nautical Shipping Co
  654. Nautilus Steam Navigation Co
  655. Navigation & Coal Trading Co
  656. Nederlandsche Stoomvaart Maatschappij Oceaan (NMSO)
  657. Nelson Line
  658. Neptune Orient
  659. Neptune Ship Mgt
  660. Nerdrum Shipping
  661. New Era Shipping Co
  662. New Guinea Australia Line
  663. New Zealand Shipping Co
  664. New Zealand Sea Products Export Ltd
  665. Newcastle Shipping Federation
  666. Newgate Shipping
  667. Nicholson & McGill
  668. Nigeria Marine
  669. Nigerian Customs Service
  670. Nigerian National Line
  671. Nigerian Naval Defence Force
  672. Nigerian Port Authority
  673. Noble Denton
  674. Nomis Shipping Company
  675. Norships Ocean Carriers
  676. North Shipping Co
  677. North Star Shipping
  678. North Thames Gas Board (sailing flatties)
  679. Northern Compnay
  680. Northern Marine
  681. Northern Pacific Steamship Co
  682. Northern Shipping NZ
  683. Norton, McGaw & Co
  684. Northumberland Ferries (Canada)
  685. Norway Cruises
  686. NYK Line - Nippon Yusen Kaisha
  687. Nyasaland Govt Marine Service
  688. Nyasaland Railway Lake Service
  689. New Zealand Rail Ferries
  690. Northland Navigation Co
  691. OIL Ltd
  692. Ocean Cruise Lines
  693. Ocean Fleets
  694. Ocean Inchcape
  695. Ocean Line
  696. Ocean Tramping Co Ltd (Hong Kong)
  697. Ocean Transport & Trading
  698. Ocean Weather Service
  699. Offshore Marine Shippng  (Port Hedland WA)
  700. Offshore Maritime Supply Ltd (Australia)
  701. Offshore Supply Association
  702. Oregon Steamship Co
  703. Orient Line
  704. Orient Overseas Line
  705. Orkney Island Shipping Co
  706. OT Africa Line
  707. Outward Bound (Hong Kong)
  708. Overseas Container Line (OCL)
  709. Overseas Tankship (UK) Ltd
  710. Oxidental & Orient Line
  711. P Henderson Line
  712. P & O Ferries
  713. P & O New Zealand Ltd
  714. P & O Steam Navigation Co
  715. Pacific Express Line
  716. Pacific Forum Line
  717. Pacific Steam Navigation Company
  718. Pacific (Standard) Transport Co
  719. Pakistan Merchant Navy
  720. Pakistan National Shipping Co
  721. Pakistan Navy
  722. Pakistan River Steamers
  723. Palestine Police Marine Division
  724. Palm Line
  725. Palmer Marin
  726. Palmer Surveys (Gt. Yarmouth)
  727. Pan Ocean
  728. Pan Ocean Chemical Tanker Line
  729. Panama Pacific Line
  730. Papayanni Line
  731. Pandoro
  732. Papua New Guinea Shipping Corporation
  733. Papuan Liner Services (PLS)
  734. Patrick, Henderson & Co
  735. Pedder & Mylchreest
  736. Peel Shipping
  737. Persian Gulf Lightering Service
  738. Persian Oil Co
  739. PNSL
  740. Pool Shipping Co
  741. Port Line
  742. Potter Bros (Liverpool)
  743. Prince Line
  744. Princess Cruise Line (West Australia)
  745. Pritchard-Gordon Tanker
  746. Protchard-Gordon Tankers
  747. Purvis Shipping
  748. Queen's Weather Service
  749. Queensland Shipping Co
  750. R Green & Co
  751. R Ropner & Co Ltd
  752. R A Lapthorne & Co
  753. R Thomas & Co
  754. R Owen
  755. Radcliffes (Cardiff)
  756. Rathbone Bros
  757. Rea Tugs Ltd
  758. Reardon Smith and Sons Ltd
  759. Red Anchor Line (Shanghai)
  760. Red Funnel Steamers
  761. Rederi Nord (Hamburg)
  762. Regent Petroleum Tankship Co / Regent Oil
  763. Rennies Coasters (South Africa)
  764. Ritsons
  765. River Plate Steamers
  766. River Steam Navigation Co
  767. Robert Dollar SS Co (Canada)
  768. Roberts Owen & Co
  769. Robertson Cruikshank & Co (Liverpool)
  770. Robinson (Chile)
  771. Rock Line
  772. Royal Army Service Corps Fleet
  773. Royal Australian Air Force (Marine Section)
  774. Royal Australian Navy
  775. Royal Australian Naval Reserve
  776. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Maritime Division
  777. Royal Canadian Navy
  778. Royal Ceylonese Navy
  779. Royal Corps of Transport Maritime Squadron
  780. Royal Dutch Shell
  781. Royal East African Navy
  782. Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  783. Royal Indian Navy
  784. Royal Indian Navy Volunteer Reserve (RINVR)
  785. Royal Mail Lines
  786. Royal Mail Steam Packet Co
  787. Royal Malaysian Navy
  788. Royal Marines
  789. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (RMAS)
  790. Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  791. Royal Naval Engineering Service
  792. Royal Naval Patrol Service
  793. Royal Navy
  794. Royal Navy Of Oman
  795. Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)
  796. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
  797. Royal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve
  798. Royal New Zealand Navy
  799. Royal Nigerian Marine
  800. Royal Victorian Navy (Australia)
  801. Royal Yacht Squadron, Sultanate Of Oman
  802. Royden Line
  803. S M Steves
  804. S R Graves & Sons
  805. S & J Thompson Ltd
  806. Safmarine (Cape Town)
  807. Saga Line
  808. Saguenay Shipping
  809. Saguenay Terminals SS Co
  810. Saint Line (South America)
  811. Salen/Whitco
  812. Salmon Troller (West Coast Of Canada)
  813. Salvage Association
  814. Salveson of Leith
  815. San Francisco Bay Ferries
  816. San Francisco, Oaklands & San Jose Ferry Service
  817. Sandbach Lune (Tinne?)  & Co
  818. Sanko Steamship (Japan)
  819. Santa Fe International
  820. Sasoon & C0 (Bombay)
  821. SBM (Monaco)
  822. Scindia Steam Navigation Co
  823. SCNZ
  824. Scottish Fisheries Protection Service
  825. Scottish Office Fishery Protection Fleet
  826. Scottish Ship Management
  827. Scottish Shire Line
  828. Scottish Tankers
  829. Scrutton Sons & Co
  830. Sea of Galilee Ferry Boat Servcie
  831. Sea-Land Service Inc (USA)
  832. Seaglen Shipping NZ
  833. Seahorse Ship Management
  834. Sealion Shipping
  835. Seaspeed (BRHLtd)
  836. Seatrain Lines (New York)
  837. Seaworkx of Den Helde
  838. Seivewright & Bacon & Co (River Plate Steamers)
  839. Shallow Draft Bulk Carriers (Nassau
  840. Shaw Savill & Albion Co Ltd
  841. Shell Company (New Zealand)
  842. Shell Oil Co
  843. Shell Tankers 
  844. Shepherd & Co (London)
  845. Shipping Corporation of NZ
  846. Shire (Welsh) line (Glasgow)
  847. Shoreside Support Ltd
  848. Shun Cheung Steam Navigation Co.(Hong Kong)
  849. Sierra Shipping Company / Line
  850. Silver Line
  851. Sin Chiao Shipping (Singapore)
  852. Singapore Straits Line
  853. Smit International
  854. Smit-Pentow (Durban South Africa)
  855. Smith's Coasters
  856. Smith Line
  857. South African Harbour Service
  858. South African Marine Corporation (Safmarine)
  859. South African Navy
  860. South African Naval Reserve
  861. South African Railways & Harbours Marine Dept
  862. South America Line
  863. Southern Nigerian Marine
  864. South Pacific Tuna Corp (San Diego)
  865. Southern Nigerian Marine
  866. Southern Railways Cross Channel Steamers
  867. Southern Shipping Lines (Australia) Pty Ltd
  868. Soviet Navy? See Famous OCs "Commander Crabb Is Alive"
  869. Springbok Shipping Co
  870. Squarey & Kendall
  871. St Helena Shipping
  872. St Lucia Coastguard/Police Marine Unit/Drug Enforcement/Fisheries Protection Force (founder of)
  873. Stag Line
  874. Star Line
  875. Star Offshore Services, Aberdeen
  876. Star Shipping (Canada)
  877. Starline Cruises
  878. State Shipping Service (Freemantle)
  879. Stateships of Western Australia
  880. Steele & Co (Liverpool)
  881. Steeves & Co
  882. Stena Sealink
  883. Stephenson Clark Line
  884. Stewart & Son
  885. Stirling Shipping
  886. Stolt-Neilson (Denmark)
  887. Straits Steamship Co (Singapore)
  888. Strick Line
  889. Stuart & Douglas
  890. Stuntbrand Mail Steamship Company Limited
  891. Sub Sea Seven
  892. Sugar Line
  893. Sun Shipping Co
  894. Superclubs
  895. SuperSeaCat (Baltic Sea)
  896. Sutton Harbour Commission
  897. Svenska Orient Linien (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  898. Svitzer
  899. SWire & Sons
  900. Swire Pacific Offshore
  901. T & J Harrison Ltd
  902. T & W Smith (Newcastle)Tarakohe Shipping (NZ)
  903. T Benyon & Co
  904. T Lamb & Co
  905. T Law & Co
  906. T Shute & Co
  907. T W Dixon & Son
  908. T L Duff & Co
  909. (Messrs) Tapscott (Liverpool)
  910. Tasman Express Line
  911. Tay Ferries
  912. Technip
  913. Tedfords (Belfast)
  914. Tekay Tankers
  915. Telegraph Construction & Maintence Co
  916. Terkol Tankers
  917. Texaco Overseas Tankships
  918. Terrazzo Ship C0 (Niagara USA)
  919. Thom & Cameron (Glasgow)
  920. Thomas & Co (Liverpool)
  921. Thomas Beel & Son
  922. Thomas Dixon & Sons (Belfast)
  923. Thomas Law & Co
  924. Thomas Watson
  925. Thompson & Co (Newcastle)
  926. Thomson (aka Thompson)  Dickie & Co
  927. Thompson Anderson & Co
  928. Thor Dahl (Norway)
  929. Tidewater International (Australia)
  930. Tidex Marine
  931. TNT
  932. Tolka Shipping, Dublin
  933. Tonga Copra Board
  934. Townsend Ferries
  935. Town Line
  936. Trader Navigation
  937. Transatlantic Steamship Line
  938. Trans Oceanic Steamship Co
  939. Transport Ferry Co
  940. Tranz Rail  
  941. Trawlerman
  942. Trident Tankers
  943. Trinder Anderson & Co
  944. Trinity House
  945. Trireme Vessel Management
  946. Tristan Da Cuhna Development Corporation
  947. Tung Group
  948. Turnbull Martin  & Co
  949. Turnbull Scotts
  950. Turner Morrison & Co (Calcutta)
  951. Tyrer & Co
  952. Tyser Line
  953. Uganda Lakes Service
  954. Uganda Marine
  955. Uganda Railways & Harbour Administration
  956. Ugland Management
  957. Ugandan River/Lake  Service
  958. Ulster Steamship Company
  959. Uiterwyk Corp. (Tampa)
  960. Underwater Technical Services
  961. Unicorn Lines
  962. Unicorn Tankers
  963. United Arab Shipping
  964. United Enterprises (Singapore)
  965. United Fruit Co
  966. Union Co
  967. Union Castle Mail Steamship Co
  968. Union Company of NZ
  969. Union Gvt Transport (Cape Town)
  970. Union Line (New Zealand)
  971. Union Shipping Group
  972. Union Steam
  973. Union Steamship Company Of New Zealand
  974. Union Transpot
  975. United Africa Line/Co
  976. United Arab Shipping
  977. United Baltic Corporation
  978. United Fruit Company (New York)
  979. United Molasses Company
  980. United States Army Transport Service
  981. United States Line
  982. United States Coastguard Auxiliary
  983. United States Navy
  984. United Towing, Hull
  985. Upper Lakes Shipping, Toronto
  986. Vale Steamship Co
  987. Vela International (Dubai)
  988. Vergocean
  989. Victoria Dept of Fisheries (Canada)
  990. Victoria Shipping Co (Borneo)
  991. Vitoil (Geneva)
  992. Vroon Offshore Services (Aberdeen)
  993. W Holyman & Co
  994. W Just & Co
  995. W Lewis & Co
  996. W Lowden & Co
  997. W Price & Co
  998. W Watkins (Tugs) Ltd
  999. W J Lockett (Liverpool)
  1000. W J Tatum Ltd
  1001. W R Thomas & Co
  1002. W T Dixon & Sons
  1003. Wallem SMS (Isle of Man)
  1004. Wallem Towage & Salvage
  1005. Welsford & Co
  1006. Watts & Watts & Co
  1007. Waverley Line
  1008. West Australian Stateship
  1009. West Australian Steamships Co
  1010. Westcott & Lawrence (London)
  1011. Western Canada Steamships
  1012. West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co
  1013. West India & Pacific
  1014. West Indies Federal Gvt Shipping
  1015. Western Telegraph Co
  1016. Westminster Dredging
  1017. Whartons of Gunness
  1018. Whitco/Salen UK
  1019. White Star Line
  1020. Whitepass & Yukon Route Co
  1021. Wholesale Society (Tarawa)
  1022. Wightlink
  1023. William Thomas Line
  1024. Williamson, Milligan & Co
  1025. Wills & Co (London)
  1026. Wilson Line
  1027. Wimpy Marine
  1028. Windjammer Cruises
  1029. Windram & Co
  1030. Woods, Taylor & Brown SS Co
  1031. World Wide Shipping Co
  1032. Yacht Captain
  1033. Yangste River Steamers
  1034. Yeman Gulf Line
  1035. Yeoward Line
  1036. Zapata Marine Services (Italy)
  1037. ZIM Israel Navigation Co

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Pilot Services

  1. Adelaide, Australia
  2. Atlantic Pilotage Authority ((Halifax and other ports in Nova Scotia)
  3. Bengal
  4. Boston, Lincs
  5. Brisbane, Australia
  6. Canadian Atlantic Pilotage Authority
  7. Cinque Ports
  8. Clyde
  9. Dartmouth
  10. Dee (Chester)
  11. Dover (Superintendent)
  12. Dubai
  13. Eden, NSW.
  14. English Channel
  15. Falmouth
  16. Freemantle
  17. Gravesend Channel Pilot
  18. Great Barrier Reef
  19. Harwich (Superintendent)
  20. Holyhead
  21. Hoogly River, Calcutta, India
  22. Humber
  23. Isle Of Wight (Superintendent)
  24. Jebel Dhanna, U.A.E
  25. Jeddah
  26. Kharg Island
  27. Lagos / Port Harcourt
  28. Liverpool
  29. London
  30. Manchester Ship Canal
  31. Marsa El Brega,Libya
  32. Milford Haven
  33. Mombasa, Kenya
  34. Moulmein, Burma
  35. Nigeria Port Authority
  36. North Sea
  37. Panama Canal
  38. Penang, Malaysia
  39. Port Kembla & Eden (New South Wales)
  40. Port Jackson/Sydney
  41. Port Lincoln
  42. Port of Spain (Trinidad)
  43. Port Pirie (S Aus)
  44. Port Rashid
  45. Queensland Coast/Torres Strait
  46. Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
  47. Rockhampton & Port Alma, Australia
  48. San Francisco bar
  49. Santan (Borneo)
  50. St Lawrence Seaway
  51. Shoreham
  52. Sidon, Lebanon
  53. Silloth (Solway Firth)
  54. Singapore
  55. Southampton
  56. Suez Canal
  57. Swansea & Port Talbot
  58. Tees
  59. Teignmouth
  60. Torres Strait
  61. Townsville, Australia
  62. Trent
  63. Trinidad
  64. Trinity House
  65. Tripoli
  66. Tyne
  67. Whyalla, S Australia
  68. Yangtze River
  69. Yarmouth & Southwold

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  1. Aberdeen
  2. Aden
  3. Avonmouth
  4. Ayr & Troon
  5. Belfast
  6. Bermuda
  7. Bombay
  8. Bowen, Australia
  9. Brisbane
  10. Bristol
  11. Caernarfon, W Australia
  12. Calcutta
  13. Chittagong
  14. Dar es Salaam
  15. Dover
  16. Dun Laoghaire
  17. East London
  18. Eden (NSW, Australia)
  19. Fleetwood
  20. Forth Ports
  21. Georgetown, Guiana
  22. Gladstone, Australia
  23. Glasgow
  24. Hartlepool
  25. Hobart, Tasmania
  26. Hokianga NZ
  27. Hong Kong
  28. Kingstown
  29. Liverpool Marina
  30. Malacca
  31. Malta
  32. Mtwara, Kenya
  33. Neath & Briton Ferry
  34. Nigeria
  35. Nkata Bay, Nyasaland
  36. Paignton
  37. Penang
  38. Port Headland
  39. Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  40. Port Lincoln
  41. Port Price, Australia
  42. Portland
  43. Portsmouth
  44. Rabaul, New Guinea
  45. Rangoon, Burma
  46. Saigon
  47. Silloth (Solway Firth)
  48. Singapore
  49. South African Ports
  50. Sydney
  51. Thevenard, S Australia
  52. Thursday Island
  53. Whyalla, S Australia

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Conway cadets have led, or been members of staff at the following nautical training organisations:

  1. 10th MCM Sqn, HMNB Rosyth
  2. Adventure Youth Sea Training Trust (Chairman)
  3. Arethusa (Captain)
  4. Arkabar Sea School (on River Murray, South Aus) set up by OCs in 1963.
  5. Asia Pacific Maritime Centre
  6. Auckland (NZ) Navigation School
  7. Australian Maritime College
  8. BISN Cadet ship Chindwara  (master)
  9. Bosham Sea School
  10. Bradwell Sailing Centre
  11. Bristol School of Navigation
  12. British Sailors' Society (Limehouse), CO Sea Trg For Boys
  13. C & C Catamaran Charters (Pensacola, FL)
  14. Cadet Training Blue Funnel Line
  15. Canadian Coast Guard College
  16. Chindwara Cadet Ship
  17. Combined Operations School (Seamanship Instructor)
  18. Conway MN Trust
  19. Coxwell Sailing & Seamanship School, Flushing, Falmouth
  20. Dept of Maritime Studies, Brunel College, Bristol
  21. Dept of Maritime Studies, Glasgow College of Nautical Studies
  22. Dept Of Navigation, Riversdell College, Liverpool
  23. Druleigh Business & Technical College, Auckland, NZ  (Nav'n & Seamanship Instructor)
  24. Dufferin (India's equivalent of Conway) Captain Superintendent
  25. Endeavor (Replica of Captain Cook's barque) Stockton On Tees
  26. Exmouth II
  27. Faculty of Maritime Transport & Engineering, Australian Maritime College
  28. Falmouth Sailing & Seamanship School
  29. Fleetwood Nautical College
  30. General Botha, South Africa (captain superintendent, Chief Offcier, Padre and several others)
  31. Ghana Nautical College, Accra
  32. Glasgow College Of Nautical Studies
  33. Georgean College, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  34. Great Lakes International Marine Training Centre
  35. Guangzhou Maritime College 
  36. Hibernian Marine School
  37. HMIS Bahadur Boys Traing Ship
  38. HMS Excellent (RN Gunnery School)
  39. HMS Ganges
  40. HMS Worcester
  41. Hong Kong Navigation School
  42. Hull Nautical College
  43. Hull Trinity House Navigation School
  44. TS Indefatigable
  45. Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth
  46. International Association Of Navigation Schools
  47. James Watt Sea Training School Greenock (captain superintendent)
  48. King Edward VII Nautical School (london)
  49. King George VII Nautical College (Essex)
  50. Leith Nautical College
  51. Libyan Navy Instructor
  52. Liverpool Nautical School (Founder)
  53. Liverpool Polytechnic (Navigation Dept)
  54. Marine Society Education & Training Committee
  55. Maritime Command Pacific Training Division (Canada)
  56. Maritime Studies Dept. of UWIST, Cardiff
  57. Merchant Navy Training Board
  58. National Nautical School, Portishead (2x Captain Superintendent)
  59. National Sea Training College, Gravesend
  60. Navigation and Seamanship courses, Department Of Further Education, South Australia
  61. Navy League Sea Training School, Liscard (Superintendent)
  62. Northern Ireland Polytechnic (School of Navigation)
  63. New Zealand Gvt Training Ship Amakoura
  64. New Zealand Shipping Co Cadet training ship Durham  (2x master)
  65. Nova Scotia Nautical Institute (Principal)
  66. Ocean Fleets Training Establishments - Aulis
  67. Outward Bound Sea School, Aberdovey
  68. Outward Bound Brig, Hong Kong (at least 3 masters)
  69. Pangbourne School (Governor)
  70. Papua New Guinea Maritime College
  71. Plymouth School of Maritime Studies
  72. Port Jackson cadet ship (Master)
  73. Prince of Wales Sea Training Hostel, Limehouse, London (Chief Offr)
  74. RAN Naval Apprentice Training Establishment
  75. RCNC
  76. RCN Naval Operations School
  77. RCN Sea Training Staff
  78. RIN Midshipmen School
  79. RIN Officers Training School Ship HMIS Feroze, Bombay
  80. Royal Corps of Transport Maritime Training Squadron
  81. Royal Indian Navy Training Center, Karachi
  82. RN Artificers Trg Centre, Rosyth (Commander)
  83. RN Artificers Trg Centre, Torpoint (Commander)
  84. RN Gunnery School, Chatham
  85. RNC Dartmouth (4 serving together at one time)
  86. RNVR Sail Training Trust
  87. Royal Yacht Association Instructor
  88. Russell Coates Nautical School, Branscombe, Dorest (Captain Superintendnet) The cadets for many years in the 1920s used to sponsor a Russell Coates cadet.
  89. Sail Training Association
  90. School Of Maritime Studies, Plymouth
  91. School of Navigation, University of Southampton
  92. School of Navigation, Sydney Technical College
  93. Schools Afloat
  94. Seamans Training Centre, Hong Kong
  95. Seamans Training Ship Diparvardi
  96. Sir John Cass Nautical School, London
  97. Sir Winston Churchill (Bosun)
  98. Southampton School of Navigation (Governor)
  99. Southampton University, UK advanced maritime management course
  100. Smith Junior Nautical School, Cardiff
  101. Spirit of Adventure Sail Training (Founder)
  102. Survival Systems Training Ltd
  103. Technikon, Durban
  104. Tisand College, Dept of Nautical Studeis (South Africa)
  105. Trinity House cadet training
  106. TS Arcadia
  107. Unicorn Training School,Durban
  108. Vancouver Navigation School (x2 Head and Chief Instructor)
  109. Warsash Nautical College
  110. Watts Naval Training School, Elham, Norfolk (Capt Supt)
  111. Z Line Trampships (S. America)
  112. Zenith Maritime Training (USA)

Conways Have Served In These Armed Forces Units

       While I have listed individual Army and RAF units I am not listiung indivdual RN vessels/establishments - it

        would simply be too big a list!

  1. 1st Dragoon Guards
  2. 2 Armoured Cars, Palestine
  3. 3rd Group Royal Engineers Water Tpt
  4. 3rd Hussars
  5. 5th Battle Sqn, Home Fleet
  6. 5th/14th Punjab Regt
  7. 9th Lancers
  8. 15/19 Kings Royal Hussars
  9. 19th Dogra Regt
  10. 19 Tank Transporter Sqn Royal Corps of Transport (RCT)
  11. 27 Regt RCT
  12. 30th Lancers
  13. 40th Pathans Regt
  14. 42nd Company Imperial Yeomanry (Herts)
  15. 80 (Berkshire) HAA Regiment, RA
  16. 88th Canadian Infantry Regt
  17. 110th Maharattas Regt (Indian Army)
  18. Abu Dhabi Defence Force (Marine Section)
  19. Argentinian Navy
  20. Argylle & Sutherland Rifles
  21. Artists Rifles
  22. Australian Army Medical Corps
  23. Austrian Army
  24. Australian Infantry (51st Bn)
  25. Australian Light Horse
  26. Bengal Infantry
  27. Bermuda Rifles / Regt
  28. Bermuda Contingent, Royal Garrison Artillery
  29. Border Regt
  30. British Columbia Regt (Canada)
  31. Rhine Flotilla (Koln)
  32. The Buffs (East Kent Regt)
  33. Burma Army
  34. Canadian Cavalry
  35. Canadian Hussars (18th Regt)
  36. Canadian Mounted Rifles
  37. Canadian Victorian Fusiliers
  38. Canterbury Regt (NZ Expiditionary Force WWI)
  39. Cape Mounted Rifles
  40. Cape Town Highlanders
  41. Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
  42. City of Edinburgh Royal Scots (1st Bn)
  43. City of London Cyclists Battalion
  44. Coldstream Guards
  45. Cuban Navy (in 1909 an OC was in command of the newly built FS Guanabacoa)
  46. Deccan Infantry Regt
  47. Derbyshire Yeomanry
  48. Devon & Cornwall Light Infantry
  49. Devonshire Regt
  50. Dorset Regt
  51. Dublin Fusiliers
  52. Duke of Cornwall's Own Yeomanry
  53. East Yorkshire Regt
  54. Egyptian Navy
  55. Federation Regt, Malaya
  56. Fleet Air Arm
  57. French Maquis
  58. French Navy
  59. Gloucestershire Regt
  60. Grants Guns (SA)
  61. Greater Manchester Ambulance Service
  62. Green Howrds (Lt Col)
  63. Gurkha Regt
  64. Hampshire Regt
  65. Hampshire Rifles
  66. Hampshire Yeomanry
  67. HQ BAOR
  68. HQ British Commonwealth Force
  69. Honourable Artillery Company
  70. Howe Battalion, RN Division
  71. Hussars
  72. Hyderabad Lancers (2nd)
  73. Imperial Indian Army
  74. Imperial Yeomanry
  75. Inland Waterway Transport Co
  76. Inns of Court Rifles
  77. Indian Air Force
  78. Indian Army
  79. Indian Army Medical Service
  80. Indian Cavalry
  81. Iniskilling Fusiliers
  82. Intelligence Corps
  83. Iranian Navy
  84. Irish Army
  85. Irish Guards
  86. Jamacian Defence Force (Coast Guard) - CO and at least 1 officer
  87. Karachi Artillery Corps
  88. Kent Regt
  89. Kimberley Town Guard
  90. King Edward's Horse
  91. King George's Own Central Indian Horse
  92. Kings Liverpool Rifles
  93. Kings Own Scottish Borderers
  94. Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
  95. King`s Royal Rifle Corps
  96. King's Shropshire Light Infantry
  97. Kitcheners Horse
  98. Lancashire Fusiliers
  99. Lancashire Militia
  100. Leicestershire Regt
  101. Leinster Regt
  102. Libyan Navy
  103. Liverpool RN Artillery Volunteers
  104. Liverpool Comrades
  105. Liverpool Scottish
  106. London Regt
  107. Long Range Desert Group
  108. Lovat Scouts
  109. Loyal North Lancs Regt
  110. Lumsden’s Horse
  111. Machine Gun Corps
  112. Malasian Navy
  113. Malay States Volunteer Rifles
  114. Manchester Regt
  115. Middlesex Regt
  116. MOD HQ
  117. Montgomeryshire Battalion
  118. NATO HQ
  119. NATO (NAMMA)
  120. New Zealand Army
  121. New Zealand Army Territorial Reserve
  122. Nigerian Naval Defence Force
  123. North Staffordshire Regt
  124. Northamptonshire Regt
  125. Pakistan Navy
  126. Parachute Regiment
  127. Pembroke Artillery
  128. Polish Airforce
  129. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
  130. Public Schools batallion of the RNVR
  131. Pulleine's Rangers (South Afrcia)
  132. Punjab Regt
  133. Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment
  134. Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment
  135. Queensland Light Horse
  136. RDA Rifles (Bermuda?)
  137. RAF Aden
  138. RAF - No 1 Flying School (Netheravon)
  139. RAF - No 2 Flying School (Digby)
  140. RAF - No 3 Flying School (Grantham)
  141. RAF - No 4 Flying School (Egypt) (C.O.)
  142. RAF - No 5 Flying School (Sealand)
  143. RAF - No 1 Sqn (France)
  144. RAF - 3 Sqn  (Grantham)
  145. RAF - 4 Sqn (South Farnborough)
  146. RAF - 5 Sqn (France)
  147. RAF - 9 Sqn (Boscombe Down , Lossiemouth)
  148. RAF - 14 Bombing Sqn (Amman Jordan)
  149. RAF - 15 Sqn (Martlesham Heath)
  150. RAF - 23 Sqn (Kenley/France)
  151. RAf -  25 Sqn
  152. RAF - 27 Squadron (Risulpore, NW Frontier, India)
  153. RAF - 28 Sqn (Kenly / Peshawar)
  154. RAF - 32 Sqn (Kenly)
  155. RAF - 35 Sqn (Halifaxes, Pathfinder sqn)
  156. RAF - 36 Sqb (Vildebeast III torpedo bombers, Singapore)
  157. RAF - 39 Bombing Sqn
  158. RAF - 45 Bombing Sqn (Helwan, Egypt)
  159. RAF - 49 Sqn (Conigsby)
  160. RAF - 54 Sqn (Hornchurch)
  161. RAF - 69 Sqn (Photo recon, Maylands)
  162. RAF - 70 Sqn (Hinaidi, Iraq)
  163. RAF - 77 Sqn (Whitleyts, Coastal Command)
  164. RAF - 82 Sqn (Blenheims, Mediteranean then France)
  165. RAF - 97 Sqn (Lancasters, 3 Pathfinder Group)
  166. RAF - 99 Sqn (Bircham Newton then Upper Heyford)
  167. RAF - 100 Sqn (Bircham Newton)
  168. RAF - 101 Sqn (Wellingtons, Bircham Newton)
  169. RAF - 102 Sqn (Pocklington)
  170. RAF - 104 Sqn (France WWI)
  171. RAF - 106 Sqn (Bomber)
  172. RAF - 107 Sqn (Blenheims, then Mosquitoes)
  173. RAF - 113 Sqn (Burma)
  174. RAF - 114 Sqn (Blenheims, Coastal Command)
  175. RAF - 185 Sqn
  176. RAF - 204 Sqn (Cattewater)
  177. RAF - 205 Flying Boat Sqn RAF (Australia)
  178. RAF - 206 Sqn (Liberators, Coastal Command)
  179. RAF - 207 Sqn (Lancaster  bombers, Europe)
  180. RAF - 209 Sqn
  181. RAF - 210 SQN (Sunderlands, Sullem Voe
  182. RAF - 214 Sqn (Bomber, Federated malay Sates))
  183. RAF - 216 Sqn (Heliopolis, Middle East,  Africa)
  184. RAF - 220 Sqn (Liberators)
  185. RAF - 230 Sqn (Pembroke Dock)
  186. RAF - 234 Sqn (Spifires, Middle Wallop)
  187. RAF - 246 Sqn (Lyneham)
  188. RAF - 248 Sqn (Blenheims)
  189. RAF - 264 Sqn
  190. RAF - 394 Maintenance Sqn (Bulawayo, S Rhodesia)
  191. RAF - 501 Sqn (Hurricanes, Filton, Bristol)
  192. RAF - 503 Sqn (Manston)
  193. RAF - 550 Sqn
  194. RAF - 603 Sqn (Spitfires)
  195. RAF - 646 Signal Sqn (Scharfoldendorf, Germany)
  196. RAF - 651 Squadron (Norfolk)
  197. RAF - 803 Sqn (Ark Royal)
  198. RAF - 819 Sqn (Illustrious)
  199. RAF - 828 Sqn (HMS St Angelo [Malta?])
  200. RAF - Gibraltar
  201. RAF - Marine Branch
  202. Rhodesian Rifles
  203. Royal Air Force Reserve (RAFR)
  204. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR)
  205. Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)
  206. Royal Army of Oman (later known as The Sultan of Oman's Land Forces)
  207. Royal Army Pay Corps (RAPC)
  208. Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) Water Transport Compnay
  209. Royal Artillery
  210. Royal Australian Air Force
  211. Royal Australian Air Force (Marine Section)
  212. Royal Australian Navy
  213. Royal Australian Naval Reserve
  214. Royal Berkshire Regt
  215. Royal Berkshire Volunteer Battalion
  216. Royal Canadian Air Force
  217. Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve
  218. Royal Canadian Engineer Corps
  219. Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)
  220. Royal Canadian Navy (Air Branch)
  221. Royal Canadian Navy Reserve ( RCNR),
  222. Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (RCNVR)
  223. Royal Ceylonese Navy
  224. Royal Corps of Signals
  225. Royal Corps of Transport Maritime Squadron
  226. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
  227. Royal Dublin Volunteers
  228. Royal East African Navy
  229. Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME)
  230. Royal Engineers (RE)
  231. Royal Field Artillery
  232. Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA)
  233. Royal Flying Corps (RFC)
  234. Royal Flying Corps (RFC), Naval Wing
  235. Royal Fusiliers
  236. Royal Garrison Artillerry, India
  237. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) Militia
  238. Royal Indian Engineers
  239. Royal Indian Navy (RIN)
  240. Royal Indian Navy  Reserve (RINR)
  241. Royal Indian Navy Volunteer Reserve (RINVR)
  242. Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
  243. Royal Irish Fusiliers
  244. Royal Irish Rifles
  245. Royal Jersey Light Infantry
  246. Royal Malayan Navy
  247. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (RMAS)
  248. Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  249. Royal Military Police
  250. Royal Marines (RM)
  251. Royal Munster Fusiliers
  252. Royal Naval Engineering Service (RNES)
  253. Royal Navy (RN)
  254. Royal Navy Of Oman
  255. Royal Navy Siege Guns Service
  256. Royal Naval Mediterranean Fleet Clearance Diving Team
  257. Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)
  258. Royal Naval Patrol Service
  259. Royal Naval Supply & Transport Service (RNSTS)
  260. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR)
  261. Royal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve
  262. Royal New Zealand Air Force
  263. Royal New Zealand Armoured Regiment (New Zealand Scottish)
  264. Royal New Zealand Army
  265. Royal New Zealand Army Service Corps
  266. Royal New Zealand Navy
  267. Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve
  268. Royal Nigerian Navy
  269. Royal Norfolk Regiment
  270. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
  271. Royal Tank Corps
  272. Royal Victorian Navy (Australia)
  273. Royal Warwickshire Regt
  274. Royal Welsh Fusiliers (RWF)
  275. Royal West African Frontier Force
  276. Royal West Kent Regt
  277. Royal Yacht Squadron, Sultanate Of Oman
  278. SAS
  279. Saskatchewan Rifles
  280. Seaforth Highlanders
  281. Seinde Cavalry Regiment
  282. Sherwood Foresters
  283. Shropshire Light Infantry
  284. SOE (and French Maquis)
  285. Soudan Defence Force
  286. South African Air Force
  287. South African Infantry
  288. South African Light Horse
  289. South African Navy / Naval Service
  290. South African Naval Reserve
  291. South Lancashire Militia
  292. South Lancashire Regt
  293. South London Regt (10th Bn)
  294. South Midland Mounted Brigade (8th Bn)
  295. South Staffordshire Regt
  296. Soviet Navy? See Famous OCs "Commander Crabb Is Alive"
  297. Sportsmen's Bn
  298. Stock Exchange Bn, Royal Fusiliers
  299. Suffolk Regiment
  300. Suffolk Volunteers Regt
  301. Suffolk Yeomanry
  302. Sultan of Oman's Land Forces
  303. Surrey Rifles
  304. Thornycrofts Horse (SA)
  305. Tochi Scouts
  306. Trucial Oman Scouts
  307. US Army (Heavy Field Artillery)
  308. US Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
  309. US Army Transport Service
  310. US National Guard
  311. US Navy
  312. US Naval Reserve
  313. Victoria & St Georges Volunteer Highlanders
  314. Victoria Fusiliers (Canada)
  315. Watson's Horse, Indian Army
  316. Welsh Guards
  317. West Africa Colonial Force
  318. West Kent Imperial Yeomanry
  319. West India Regt
  320. West Riding Regt
  321. West Yokshire Regt (CO 10th Bn)
  322. Western Cavalry, Canadian Imperial Force
  323. Wiltshire Regt
  324. Worcestershire Regt
  325. Yorkshire & Lancashire Regt (Canada?)
  326. Yorkshire Regt

Conways have served in the following emergency/uniformed services

  1. Ambulance - Greater Manchester Ambulance Service
  2. Coast Guard - HM Coastguard
  3. Coast Guard - Jamaican Coast Guard
  4. Coast Guard - US Coastguard Auxiliary
  5. Fire - Fire Service (UK)
  6. Fire - London Fire Brigade
  7. Fire - Shanghai Fire Brigade
  8. Fire - New Zealand Fire Service
  9. Other - Kent Probationary Service
  10. Other - Prison Service (UK)
  11. Other - Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)
  12. Other - Trinity House
  13. Police - Auckland NZ
  14. Police - Bechuanaland Border Police
  15. Police - Birmigham Police (Chief Constable)
  16. Police - Bolton Police Force
  17. Police - British Honduran Police
  18. Police - British South African Police in Rhodesia
  19. Police - Canadian Police Force
  20. Police - Cape Police Force
  21. Police - City of London
  22. Police - Coventry City Police Force
  23. Police - Cyprus Colonial Police Force
  24. Police - Derbyshire Constabulary
  25. Police - Gilbert & Ellice Islands Police Force
  26. Police - Gold Coast
  27. Police - Hampshire Constabulary (Asst Chief Constable)
  28. Police - Hertfordshire
  29. Police - Hong Kong Marine Police
  30. Police - Hong Kong Police Force (from 1997)
  31. Police - Jamaican Constbulary
  32. Police - Kent Constabulary
  33. Police - Kenya Police
  34. Police - Leeward Islands
  35. Police - Liverpool Police
  36. Police - Metropolitan Police
  37. Police - MOD Police
  38. Police - Mysore Mounted Police
  39. Police - Norfolk
  40. Police - North West Mounted Police (Canada)
  41. Police - Northern Rhodesia Police Force
  42. Police - Northumberland Police Force
  43. Police - Nottinghamshire Constabulary
  44. Police - Ontario Provincial Police Service
  45. Police - Palestine Police Force
  46. Police - Palestine Police Marine Division
  47. Police - Peterborough Combined Police Force
  48. Police - Rhodesian Police
  49. police - River Thames Police Force
  50. Police - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  51. Police - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Maritime Division
  52. Police - Royal Hong Kong Police (1968-1997)
  53. Police - Royal Irish Constabulary
  54. Police - Royal Protection Squad
  55. Police - Royal Ulster Constabulary
  56. Police - South African Constabulary
  57. Police - St Lucia Coastguard/Police Marine Unit/Drug Enforcement/Fisheries Protection Force (founder of)
  58. Police - Surrey (including a Chief Constable)
  59. Police - Sussex Constabulary
  60. Police - Toronto
  61. Police - Zambian Police Force


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Conway cadets have also worked in the following fields:

  1. Accountant
  2. Actor
  3. Advertising Manager
  4. Agricultural Research Council
  5. Airline Pilot
  6. Air Surveyor
  7. Air Traffic Controller, Brisbane Airport
  8. Antique Dealer
  9. Architect
  10. Art Silk Spinner
  11. Assistant Whip, House of Commons
  12. Author (See Bibliography for list and details)
  13. Bagpipe Teacher (Scots College, Sydney)
  14. Banana Planter, Fiji
  15. Bank Manager
  16. Banker
  17. Barrister At Law
  18. Blast Furnace Foreman
  19. Bolton Metropolitan College
  20. Bookseller
  21. Brewery Manager (and Founder)
  22. Brewery Sales Manager
  23. British Aerospace
  24. Building Society
  25. Bulldozer Driver
  26. Cargo Surveyor
  27. Cattle Rancher, Argentina
  28. Chandlery Manager
  29. Chartered Company Secretary
  30. Clinical Hypnotist
  31. Chartered Acountant
  32. Coach/Tour Operator
  33. Coffee Grower, Guatamala
  34. Commonwealth Secretariat
  35. Computer Consultant
  36. Condominium Manager, Florida, USA
  37. Consultant histopathologist
  38. Cowman
  39. Diplomat
  40. District Manager for C&A stores
  41. Diver
  42. Eastern Caribbean Regional Security System
  43. Editor Staffordshire Life
  44. Electrician
  45. Estate Agent
  46. Estate Worker
  47. Film Director - Hammer Horror Films
  48. Fireman
  49. Fish & Chip Shop Proprietor
  50. Florist
  51. Forester, Burma
  52. Freight Forwarding
  53. Fruit Farmer, Florida
  54. Game Conservancy
  55. Ghillie
  56. Gold Miner, Venezuela
  57. GP
  58. Health Shop
  59. High Court Judge
  60. Hod Carrier
  61. Honey Farmer
  62. Hotelier
  63. Hotel Manager
  64. House Father
  65. Hydrographer
  66. Hypnotherapist
  67. Insurance Consultant
  68. International Harvester
  69. Journalist
  70. Jumbo Jet Pilot
  71. Justice Of The Peace
  72. Landscape Gardener
  73. Launderette Operator
  74. Lawyer
  75. Legal Advisor, Saudi Ports Authority
  76. Liferaft Surveyor
  77. Lloyds Insurance Broker
  78. Lord Lieutenant of Anglesey
  79. Management Consultant
  80. Manager Cocoanut Estate
  81. Managing Director
  82. Marine Hydrographer (Royal Naval & Civil, lots of them)
  83. Marine Surveyor
  84. Market Gardener
  85. Marketing Manager
  86. Master Baker
  87. Mauritius Ministry of Housing and Land
  88. Mechanical Engineer
  89. Member House Of Commons
  90. Member House Of Lords
  91. Member of Isle of Man Tynwald
  92. Metalurgist
  93. Meterological Officer
  94. Mining Engineering
  95. Ministry Of Overseas Development
  96. Missionary, Auking, China
  97. Mosquito pilot
  98. Music Publisher
  99. Nautical Surveyor
  100. New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board
  101. Operations Officer / Manager
  102. Orange Grower, South Africa
  103. Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States
  104. Patent Agent
  105. Personnel Manager
  106. Poet Laureate
  107. Port Inspector
  108. Poultry Farmer
  109. Prison Officer
  110. Professional Father Christmas
  111. Publican (A few of these!)
  112. Radio broadcaster and documentary writer (South Africa)
  113. Recruitment Consultant
  114. Residential Care Home
  115. Restauranteur
  116. Rock Musician
  117. Rothmans International Tobacco Ltd
  118. Rubber Planter, Malaya
  119. Salesman
  120. Shipping Compnay Director
  121. Silver Fox Farmer
  122. Statistician
  123. Stevedoring (Australia)
  124. Stevedoring Superintendent / Manager
  125. Systems Analyst
  126. Taxi Driver
  127. Tea Planter, Assam
  128. Teacher
  129. Textiles Company
  130. Timber Importer
  131. Tin Miner (Siam & Malaya)
  132. Tobacco Farmer, Nyasaland
  133. Trade Union Secretary
  134. Translator
  135. Tree Surgeon
  136. Trinidad and Tobago Hydrographic Unit
  137. TV Comedy writer
  138. TV Presenter
  139. United Nations Development Programme
  140. United Nations World Food Program (Rome, Italy)
  141. Vicar
  142. Vintner/Wine Merchant
  143. Wool Merchant

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"Notable Achievements"

12th Master of the Cutty Sark
22 OCs were submariners in the Great War. 3 lost their lives.
Aboard the third vehicle to leave the Normandy beaches
Accountant, Lusaka City Council in Zambia
ADC to the G.O.C. Eastern Command, India
ADC to the Governor of Ceylon
ADC to the Governor of Hong Kong
ADC to the Governor General of New Zealand
ADC to HM the Queen (several)
Admiral of the Enterprise Class Association
Archdeacon of Basutoland
Army, Navy & Air Force (officers) Heavyweight Boxing Champion 1925
Assistant Native Commissioner, Zaka, Bulawayo
Assistant Sanitary Oficer, Letchworth UDC
Beachmaster, Arromanches Beach, D-Day
Beachmaster, Gallipoli Landings,
Baton of Honour Winner, Police Academy, Lusaka
Bishop of St Helena
Brethern Of Trinity House (lots of them)
British Vice-Consul, Cherbourg, France
British Vice-Consul, Kristiansand, Norway
Canadian Government's Exemplary Service Award winner 1995
Captain, Brunstfield Links Golfing Society
Captain of Hong Kong Admirals Cup team
Captain, Leasowe Golf Club
Captain, Weston Super Mare Croquet Club

Chairman, Adventure Youth Sea Training Trust

Chairman of the Audit Commission for Malaysia
Chairman, British Benevolent Fund of Madrid charity
Chairman, British Sailors Society
Chairman, Burnley Round Table
Chairman, Burton & District Horticultural Society
Chairman, Burton Conservative Party
Chairman, Darjeeling Tea Co
Chairman of Devon IA (Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group)
Chairman, Directors of Steel Companies of Wales
Chairman, Dover Harbour Board
Chairman, Foudroyant Trust
Chairman of Global Maritime Ventures 
Chairman, Governors of Broadmoor Hospital
Chairman, Hampshire & Dorset Royal Comonwewalth Society
Chairman, HMS Trincomalee Trust (and Founder)
Chairman, Indian Merchantile Marine Committee (Delhi) 1924
Chairman, Kent Probationary Service
Chairman, Mission To Seamen Committee, Mombasa.
Chairman, National Taxi Trades Group
Chairman, Order Of St John For Staffordshire
Chairman, The Register of Architects Accredited in Building Conservation
Chairman, Royal British Legion Bransgore
Chaplain to HM the Queen
Chaplain to the Forces
Chief Constable of Birmingham
Chief Constable of Surrey
Chief Coastguard, HM Coastguard
Chief Executive, Brooke Hospital for Animals
Chief Executive, National Federation of Retail Newsagents
Chief Executive, St John's Eye Hospital in Jerusalem
Chief Executive Swindon Town Football Club
Chief of Staff, RIN
Chief Hydrographer
Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England & Wales
Chief Inspector of Masters & Mates for GB
Chief Inspector of Mines, Gold Coast
Chief Instructor, Bengal Flying Club, dum Dum, Calcutta
Chief of Police Jerusalem, Palestine Police Force 1922
Chief Officer Bedford Institute Of Oceanography, Nova Scotia
Chief Officer Greater Manchester Ambulance Service
Chief Pilot, Nigerian Port Aurthority
Clan Chieftain - Clan Irving
Collector General of Customs, Jamaica
Coach World Cup winning English Rugby Union team
Commissioner of Assam
Commissioner of Bechuanaland
Comissioner of the Hong KongPolice
Commissioner of Irish Lights
Comissioner of the Metropolitan Police
Comissioner of Sea Scouts, San Francisco
Commissioner of Scouts, San Francisco
Commander, American Legion ServicceClub , Oakland, CA (Post no 5)
Commander NATO Standing Force Atlantic
Commodore Keyhaven Yacht Club
Commodore Cunard Line (5)
Commodore, Medway Yacht Club
Commodore, Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate
Competitor, BT Global Challenge
Contraband Contol Officer, Gibraltar
Crewman, Hong Kong Dragon Boat
Defined the Direct Cubic Spline Method of evaluating integrals
Deputy Chairman, Seamans Hospital Society
Deputy Chairman, Southern Electricity Board
Deputy Curator of Ships, Greenwich Maritime Museum
Deputy Leader of the 1992 British Makalu Expedition
Deputy Lieutenant Of Devonshire                                         
Deputy Lieutenant Of Durham
Deputy Master of Trinity House
Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
Designer of the funnel on the QEII and QMII (the latter was greatly constrained as the QMII was designed for maximum deck capacity and then the funnel was added almost as an afterthought. The height of the funnel was thus limited to allow safe passage under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge!)
Director, Bermuda Biological Station For Research
Director of Kuantan Port Authority
Director, Malawi Reserve Bank
Director, Malta Broadcasting Corporation
Director, Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Discoverer of deep water harbour Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Disneyland Paris's Historical Archivist
Fellow, Institute Electrical Engineers
Fellow, Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers
Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology
Fellow, Institute Of Materials Handling
Fellow of Institute of Physics
Fellow, Royal Institute Of Navigation
Fellow, The Nautical Institute (dozens of 'em)
Fellow, The Royal Geographical Society
Fellow, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (must be about a dozen)
Finance Director of Pubic Company in Hong Kong
Financial Manager, Boschendal Wine Estate, South Africa
First Director of the Unification Church (the Moonies) in Britain. Later recanted!!
First full time coach of England RUFC
First Master of the QEI
First Master of the QEII
First master of the QM II
First man to swim the English Channel
First  person to land two locked aircraft after a mid- air collision (La Maistre (28-30))
First Prisons Ombudsman
Fleet Paymaster (RN)
Freelance Journalist
Flotilla Vice Commander, 1st Southern District, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Ford Foundation Businessman Of The Year 1959
Founder and Chairman, Friends Of South African Cultural History Museums
Founder, Brockweir, St Briavels & Hervelsfield Garden Society
Founder, Caribbean Ocean Sailing Association
Founder, Centre For Social Justice,
Founder, Dalraida Steam Packet Company, Loch Awe
Founder, Friends Of The Lake District                                                                                                         
Founder and 1st Commodore of Hebe Haven Yacht Club Hong Kong
Founder, Institute for the Development of Human Potential
Founder, and for many years General Secretary of the Navigators and Engineer Officers Union
Founder, Grimsby & Cleethorpes Yacht Club
Founder, Ringwood Brewery
Founder, River Wye Raft Race
Founder, Rutherford Laboratory
Founder, Sea Scouts
Founder, Shoreham School of Flying
Founder, Southampton Master Mariners Club
Founder, Volcanic Mountaineering Association
Founder, Wells & Walsingham Light Railway
Freeman, City Of London (several of these)
Freemason (highest known rank active Provincial Grand Lodge officer))
General Secretary of the Navigators and General Insurance Co.
Govenor General of Cyprus
Govenor Orange River Colony (the one and only ever!)
Govenor Of Queensland
Head New Spitalfields Market Tenants Association
High Commissioner for Cyprus
Hollywood TV Film Producer
Honory Consultant to the Queensland Museum
Housing Advisor, Government Of Trinidad and Tobago
Inaugurated the Surveying Dept at Newcastle University
International Emmy winner 1994
Inventor Delahay Davit Head Pin
Inventor of Micro Brewery techniques now used world wide
Junior Lord of the Tresuary
Laid Foundation Stone of Brisbane City Hall
Leader Conservative Party                           
Lecturer, Jamia Millia Ismalia University, Delhi, India
Librarian, British Library.
Librarian, University of Cape Town
Liveryman of the Honorable Company of Master Mariners
Manager, RAF Lawn Tennis centre at RAF Halton, Bucks
Manager Shanghai Waterworks
Managing Director Air UK Limited
Master, Badsworth Foxhounds
Master, Brisbane Branch of Company Of Master Mariners
Master, Company Of Watermen And Lightermen (a City company without livery)
Master, Honorable Company of Master Mariners
Master, King Faisal's Royal Yacht
Master, Livery Company Of Watermen
Last Master of the Queen Mary
Last Master of the Queen Elizabeth
Master, Rockwood Harriers
Master, Worshipful Company Of Farmers
Master, Worshipful Company of Joiners & Ceilers
Mayor of St Edmundsbury, Suffolk
Member 40th Anniversary Everest Expedition
Member, Association of Mountainering Instructors
Member British Mountaineering Council
Member Cape Horn Association (Saints Of St Malo)
Member Catenians
Member of the Chartered Institute of Management
Member French Maquis and other under cover SOE activities!
Member Heversham Church Council
Member Honourable Company Of Edinburgh Golfers
Member Honourable Company Of Master Mariners (and 1 Founder and 1 Master)
Member House of Keys (Manx Parliament)
Member Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research
Member International Association Of Facilitators
Member Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers
Member of the Institute of Fire Engineers
Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers
Member Institute Of Mechanical Engineers
Member of the Isle Of Man Chamber Of Commerce
Member Knights Of The Holy Sepuchre
Member Moelfre Lifeboat
Member of Parliament (3)
Member Paddle Steamer Preservation Trust
Member Ringwood & Fordingbridge Rural District Council
Member Riverside Jazz Band, Grimsby
Member Samuel Peyps Club (only 60 members!)
Member The Salvage Association
Member, Worshipful Company of Joiners & Ceilers
Member, Worshipful Company of Shipwrights
Military Governor Of Baghdad (many wars ago!)
Naval Attache, Ankara
Olympic diver (1924 Paris Olympics)
Olympic Runner 1928 Amsterdam Olympics
Olympic Sailor 1968 Mexico Olympics
Orange Farmer, Limoneira Ranch, Santa Paula, CA
Owner of half of Tupai Island near Tahiti
Patron, Submarine Association of Queensland    
Pedigree Pig Breeder
Permanent Secretary, Malawi Min of Transport & Communications
Poet Laureate
POW Camp escapee
President, Aldershot Garrison Boxing Club
President Army Motor Club
President Budget Rent A Car International Division
President, Branch of the Royal Overseas League
President, Canadian Chiropractor Association
President, Cape Horners Association
President of The Chartered Institute of Transport (Malaysia National Council)
President, Climbers Club
Presidnt, Colchester Philatic Society
President, Concorde Shipping, Inc.
President, Fell & Rock Climbers Club
President, Gliding Club
President, Hydrographic Society (2 so far)
President, The Institute Of South African Shipbrokers
President, International Compumag Society
President, Kowloon Rotary Club
President MacArthur Concrete Pile Corp USA
President of Malaysian Nautical Institute (IKMAL)
President, Nautical Institute        
President, Queensland United Services Institute
President, The Rotary Club
President, Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours
President, Russian Convoy Club
President Society of Marine Painters
President, South African Branch of The Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers
President, World Meteorological Society
(UK) Prisons' Ombudsman
Privater Secretary to successive Lord Mayors of London
Purse Bearer to the Lord Chancellor of Ireland
Queen's Honorary Chaplain
Queen's Waterman
Relief Custodian, Drummond Castle, Scotland
Restorer of crib figures, church of St Peter, Wisbech, Cambridegshire
Royal Navy Man Of The Year 1977
Runner up, Victoria-Maui International Yacht Race
Salesman Of The Year, Shell Chemicals (Alaska) - several times
Secretary & Treasurer, Delaware Scottish Games
Secretary Rhodesia Independence League
Secretary, Shoreham School Of Flying
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
Senior Officer WWII PoW Camp
Senior Tutor in Ceramics, Royal College Of Art
Senior Vice President and Director, Cunard Line Ltd
Shadow Secretary Of State For Defence
Silver Medal winner, National Model Exhibition
Sixth Officer on the Titanic
State President, South Australia
Steward, Cockworthy Museum, Kinsworthy
Sub Postmaster, Stratton, Cornwall
Surveyor General Of Ships, Hong Kong
Sword Of Honour, RAF Cranwell (1922)
Sworn Measurer & Weigher to the Home Ward Freight Conference, Kobe, Japan
Trainer, Wimbledon Balls Boys
Trustee, The Hovercraft Museum
Venice Biennale international prize for engraving winner in1938
Vice Commodore Army Sailing Club
Vice President, Antwerp Missions To Seamen
Vice President, The Association of Ship Agents & Brokers of South Africa
Vice President, Canadian Broadcasting Service
Vice President, George Cross Island Association
Vice President, Herne Hill Harriers
Vice President, Horsfield Cricket Club
Visiting Professor, Kings College, London
Visting Professor, Malmo University, Sweden
Warden, Langdale Wayfarers Hut
Winner Three Peaks Race
Winner Telford Gold Medal
Worshipful Master, The Scinde Lodge, Karachi

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The Connection With The Royal Canadian Navy

(RCN, RCNR, RCNVR or On Loan) by Laurie Farrington (February 1998)

Links: The RCN today

Links: The RCN of yesteryear

Conway training for service at sea, long envied for its high standards, was famed for its high quality graduates. Some of these intrepid young adventurers enjoyed careers in many fields of endeavour, including the Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard. Their professional achievements were as legendary as their ability to endure hardship as young Conway trainees. The majority of the 71 people identified as former Conways represented invaluable trained assets as war began in 1939, as the RCN expanded to meet the demands of WW II. Some of them remained with the RCN in the postwar period and attained "icon" status.

The 71 Conway Cadets identified represent the result of a two year research project to identify Old Conways who had Canadian naval service in the RCN, RCNR, RCNVR or on loan from the RN.

Fortunately the people who helped to build the Canadian Navy over the years did not come from a world of rigid conformity. Individuals came from a variety of sources and backgrounds. Diversity was the norm and there was certainly richness in diversity. Conway Cadets represented one professional source of commitment and experience which formed part of the Canadian naval mosaic.

A closer examination of the naval careers of the 71 people reveals some interesting facts:

  • Canadian naval service involved people who attended Conway over a span of 48 years, from 1906 to 1954. The first or senior Conway Cadet in terms of training time was a Lt. A.S. Dean, who joined Conway in 1906 before the birth of the RCN. During World War I he served in the RCN in HMCS Niobe; at one time he served as HM Consul in Valencia. He is listed in John Masefield's book The Conway on page 222. The last and junior Conway graduate was M.J. Duncan, who left Conway in 1954, and commanded HMCS Assiniboine in 1977-79. The oldest surviving Conway Cadet (1917-1919) on the list is probably Allan Easton, a wartime commanding officer of HMCS Sackville, who in September 1997 was 95 years young and living in Kingston, Ontario.

C.T. Beard, who joined the Conway for training before the RCN was born in 1910, was one of the early RCN pioneers. With such notables as German, Nelles, Bate and Brodeur, Charles Taschereau Beard started his naval career before the Naval Service Act was passed and began training in CGS Canada. In 1920-22 he commanded HMCS Patriot, in 1928 HMCS Champlain, and in 1940 HMCS Prince Robert. In 1939 he was the senior commander in the RCN with seniority of 1 September 1926. Another pre-WW II pioneer was M.A. Medland who commanded HMCS St. Croix (1940), Athabaskan (1948-49) and Cayuga (1949-50). He retired as a Commodore in 1964.

Prior to their Canadian naval service many of the listed Conways followed merchant navy careers in various lines: J.A. Stokes (Alfred Holt Line); G. H. Hayes ,I.B.B. Morrow, S.D. Taylor (Silver Line); J.A. Mitchell and D. F. Olive (Canadian Pacific Steamships); H.R. Beck (Canadian National Steamships in the Lady Boats); D.V. Trevorrow (Union Castle Line); J.F. Aspin , B.J. Marette (Clan Line); and J.D. Taylor (Booth Line).

  • Some Conways joined the RCN via the Royal Navy Special Entry route. They included M.A. Medland (Entry #29, 1930), R.W. Timbrell and R.T.N. Porter (Entry #43, 1937), R.B. Hayward (Entry #49, 1939), F.E. Wade (Entry #52, 1940), and D.S. Boyle (Entry 53, 1941).
  • Several Conways were killed in action in WW II: R.T. N. Porter (Executive Officer of HMCS St. Croix sunk in 1943); D. C. Hazelton (sunk in HMS Encounter in the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942, taken prisoner of war, and died when Japanese transport was sunk by allied submarine); and T.M.W. Golby (Commanding Officer of HMCS Weyburn sunk off Gibraltar in 1943).
  • One other Conway on the list was taken prisoner of war but survived to serve many postwar years in the RCN: R.B. Hayward, Navigating Officer of HMCS Athabaskan torpedoed and sunk in 1944 in English Channel. Despite being in the water for some time, thanks to his physical fitness he was able to find his way to his rescuers. He spent a year in a German POW camp.
  • Recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross included: R.W. Timbrell, G.H. Hayes, W.E.S. Briggs, A.H. Easton and J.S. Hale.
  • Many on the list served in Canadian ships in Korea: B.A. Ewens (HMCS Sioux/second tour), R.B. Hayward (Executive Officer of HMCS Athabaskan 1951-52), A.H.M. Slater and P.A. Scott (HMCS Nootka), and W.J.H. Stuart (HMCS Crusader).

Two people on the list were Conway King's Gold Medallists: G.H. Hayes in 1938, and J.F. Leseur in 1941. In 1939 R.B. Hayward was awarded the Conway Queen's Silver Medal or Tate Prize. George W.R. Graves was the first Canadian to become a Conway King's Gold Medallist in 1931. His name is not shown on the list of 71 names because his wartime naval service was in the Royal Navy. He served in armed merchant cruisers and was awarded the DSC. After the war he served with distinction in the Canadian Transport Department and Canadian Coast Guard. He now resides in Ottawa.] See also reference to the link between the Conway Medals and the Canadian Coast Guard College later in this site.

  • Two Conways became Maritime Commanders: R.W. Timbrell 1971-73 and D.S.Boyle (1973-77).
  • One Conway became Commander NATO Standing Force Atlantic: D.S. Boyle (1970).
  • Many of the Conways with Canadian naval service pursued second or even third careers in the Canadian Coast Guard Service. These included E.S. Brand, R.B. Hayward, A.A.R. Dykes, W.J.H. Stuart, C.D. Maginley, A.J. Preston, and J.O. Jenkins. Some commanded weather ships (A.A.R. Dykes) and DFO ships (A.J. Preston). Some Conways served Canada in other ways than through naval service. Conways joined government departments such as Transport, Coast Guard, Fisheries and Oceans and their predecessors. For example, John T. Walbran (1848-1913) trained in the Conway (1862-1864) and later became a leader in the maritime life of British Columbia. Captain Walbran commanded the Quadra, took part in early fisheries protection duties, became a respected Justice of the Peace, and was the author of the book 'British Columbia Place/Coast Names'
  • After Canadian naval service, several served with British Columbia Ferries (e.g. A.H.M. Slater and J. Butterfield).
  • Four of the Conway trained people on the list were naval aviators: J.A. Stokes (HMS Formidable and Implacable in wartime, CO 825 Squadron in 1948, HMCS Magnificent in 1950), J.A.D. Rowland (Venture graduate, VS 881 and 880, and later Air Canada pilot), K.C. Grieve (was in Swordfish raid on Italian fleet at Taranto in 1940, on loan to RCN from RN, commissioned HMCS Warrior in 1946 as Cdr Ops), and B.J. Marette ( HMCS Malahat for VC 922 in 1956, and later pilot with CP Airlines). [Jack Stokes died in Vancouver BC on 24 September 1997.]
  • The only submariner on the list is J.F. Aspin. Also an "honorary" Old Worcester, he was seconded to teach in HMS Worcester on the Thames in 1953-54. He sailed to Canada in HMCS Ojibwa, the first 'O' class submarine built to RCN order and commissioned in 1965.
  • There are two brothers on the list - S.D. Taylor and J.D. Taylor. A third brother, who did not go to Conway, was the late Commodore Paul D. Taylor, DSC, RCN. The latter's younger brother S.D. Taylor commanded HMCS Chambly in 1944-45. All three brothers shared the same middle name of 'Dalrymple'.
  • Conways who served on the staff of the RCN College at Royal Roads, Victoria, British Columbia, immediately after WW II included R.B. Hayward, D.S. Boyle, R.W. Timbrell and I.B.B. Morrow.
  • Many Conways have contributed to the Salty Dips volumes published by NOAC Ottawa Branch where their naval experiences are described. The authors are E.S. Brand, G.H. Hayes, R.W. Timbrell, and H.R. Beck.
  • It was the ambition of former Conways that some day they would return in command of their own HM Ships to sail past and salute their training ship. In the 1951-52 period the then Lieutenant- Commander G.H. Hayes DSC, RCN, when in command of HMCS Crescent, accomplished this ambition. Crescent steamed into the Menai Straits and was cheered by the Cadets as she passed Conway on her way back to sea.

Captain Hayes was also present to say farewell to his first ship in 1974. His final task prior to retirement was to represent the Canadian Forces at the Conway Paying Off Ceremony in Liverpool Cathedral.

  • These Old Conways trained in a ship which was one of the last 'wooden walls' of the Royal Navy. In their subsequent naval careers these 71 people served over the years in far different ships, including some of the following HMC Ships: Niobe, St. Croix, Athabaskan, Cayuga, Trillium,CFAV Endeavour, Acadia, Red Deer, Quinte, Kenogami, Guelph, Warrior, St. Stephen, Crescent, Drumheller, Algonquin, Chaleur, Meander, ML 069, Drummondville, Lauzon, Provider, Discovery, Orkney, Cowichan, Margaree, Orillia, New Waterford, Border Cities, Fundy, Chignecto, Assiniboine, Wallaceburg, Fortune, Bonaventure, Haida, Donnacona, Cornwallis, Carleton, Venture, Discovery, Cape Breton, Nene, Nootka, Iroquois, Labrador, Sackville, Ojibwa, Sioux, Stettler, Patriot, Agassiz, Chambly, Prince Robert, Weyburn, Cedarwood, Ste. Th?“se, Queen, Snowberry, Festubert, Scotian, ML 106, Swift Current, Preserver, Hochelaga, Skeena, Micmac, Cap de Madeleine, Antigonish, Prince Henry, Edmonston, ML 070 and 066, Prince David, Chaudi“re, Ontario, Saguenay, Ottawa. Qu'Appelle, Swansea, and St. Laurent, to name but a few. The Navigator of the first Canadian-manned escort carrier HMS Nabob was a former Conway Cadet.
  • Many survivors of the 71 Old Conways now reside in retired or semi-retired status on the West and East Coasts of Canada.
  • Even as late as 1975 a Conway, M.J. Duncan, was CO of HMCS Chignecto and senior officer of the 2nd Training Division in Maritime Command Pacific. Another Conway, C.D. Maginley, was on the staff of the Maritime Commander, Pacific.
  • Conway trained people were very versatile. A few examples of their achievements include: R.B. Hayward became the third Canadian to qualify as a member of the Cruising Club of America; G.H. Hayes is a former President of the Naval Officers Association of Canada; W.E.S. Briggs was a noted CBC announcer and special events expert; A.H. Easton, CO of HMCS Sackville 1942-43, is an author of note and supporter of Sackville as Canada's Naval Memorial; J.F. Aspin joined Northumberland Ferries (to PEI) in 1974, served 20 years and became President and CEO, and now owns Marine Agencies in Belle River PEI providing services to the marine industry; B.A. Ewens on retirement from the Navy in mid 1960's joined the Biology Department of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario; S.D. Taylor served in the RCMP Marine Section and later was connected to West Coast commercial salmon trollers; J.A. Brown was the official Hydrographer Pacific Coast in the post WW II period; J.A. Stokes became a financial analyst in a large Vancouver investment company; D.F. Olive worked in one of Canada's major insurance companies; C.M. Fry was Director of Merchant Seamen Manning Pool in Montreal in WW II; and M.J. Duncan, the last Conway Cadet to join the RCN, on retirement from the Navy in 1988 became the Trials Master for all new Canadian patrol frigates built by Saint John Shipbuilding since that time.

The relationship between the Conway and the Canadian Navy is now a matter of history. Research confirms that the Conway connection has had a positive and profound effect on the naval and maritime scene in Canada.

1906-1907 A.S. Dean
1906-1907 C.M. Fry
1906-1908 C.T. Beard
1906-1908 W.G. Lalor
1908-1910 W.G. Wright
1909-1910 E.S. Brand
1909-1911 V.H. Antle
1911-1914 J.W. Shaw
1915-1917 J.A. Brown
1915-1918 D.H. McKay
1916 R.F.A. Redman
1917-1919 A.H. Easton
1918-1920 F.B. Hutchings
1917-1920 F.W.M. Drew
1920-1922 T.G.S. Cairns
1920-1922 A. Moorhouse
1920-1922 J.D. Taylor
1921-1923 W.E.S. Briggs
1922-1924 T.M.W. Golby
1925-1928 K.C. Grieve
1926-1927 R. deC. Knight
1927-1928 F. Jones
1927-1929 D.R. Watson
1927-1929 C.F.W. Cooper
1927-1929 S.D. Taylor
1928-1930 M.A.Medland
1929-1932 S.W. Buxton
1930-1932 G.E. Murrell
1930-1932 D.F. Olive
1931-1933 A.A.R. Dykes
1933-1935 H.R. Beck
1933-1935 J.C. Smith
1934-1936 F.J. Boyer
1934-1936 J.A. Mitchell
1934-1936 R.T.N. Porter
1934-1936 J.A. Stokes
1934-1937 J.C.W. Nottbeck
1935-1937 R.W. Timbrell
1936-1937 K.D. Isted
1936-1938 G.H. Hayes
1936-1938 D.C. Hazelton
1936-1939 J. Butterfield
1936-1939 F.E. Wade
1937-1939 R.B. Hayward
1937-1939 I.B.B. Morrow
1937-1939 A.G. Murray
1938-1940 P. Henry
1938-1940 R.J. Mann
1938-1940 W.W. Robinson
1939-1940 D.S. Boyle
1939-1941 J.F. Leseur
1939-1941 B.A. Mitchell
1939-1941 A.J. Preston
1939-1941 A.H.M. Slater
1939-1941 W.J.H. Stuart
1940 W.G. Hunt
1940-1942 B.A. Ewens
1940-1942 J.S. Hale
1940-1942 G.G. Smith
1941-1943 P.A. Scott
1942-1944 G.H. Hill
1944-1945 J.P. Jones
1945-1947 C.D. Maginley
1945-1947 B.J. Marette
1948-1949 J.F. Aspin
1948-1949 D.V. Trevorrow
1949-1951 G.C. Dale
1949-1951 J.O. Jenkins
1949-1951 W. McMunagle
1952-1954 J.A.D. Rowland
1953-1954 M.J. Duncan

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