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Old Conways have published an incredible number of books on a very wide range of subjects. I have added publisher, ISBN etc. details and a copy of the front cover wherever I have been able to find them.

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Accessions (since 1st Nov 2017)

The Pirate's Children by Michael 'Con' Lloyd (56-58)
Published by Austen MaCauley Publoishers in 2017.
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paperback 334 pages
ISBN-10: 1786936666
ISBN-13: 978-1786936660

Eleanor Westerley is seventeen and lives with her aunt in seventeenth century England. Upon her aunt's death she learns some startling information from the will. She decides to embark on a dangerous journey to the pirate-infested Caribbean in the ship which she has discovered belonged to her father, presumed dead. Leaving her estate in the capable hands of her trusted retainers, she takes her younger brothers and sister, who are all that remain of her family. Headstrong and impetuous, Eleanor engages Jack Crawford, the young captain she finds in a debtors' prison, to command her ship. Together with the children, whose courage is tested to the limit, they face many life-threatening situations at a time when England is at war with Spain and France and on the high seas it is every man for himself. This is an exciting adventure story written by a master maritime storyteller blending fact and fiction of the age of piracy for children and the young at heart of all ages.


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