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Old Conways have published an incredible number of books on a very wide range of subjects. I have added publisher, ISBN etc. details and a copy of the front cover wherever I have been able to find them.

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Accessions (since 1st Aug 2108)

Captain of the Carpathia - The seafaring life of Titanic hero Sir Arthur Henry Rostron by Eric L Clements

Published by Bloomsbury
Hardback, 320 pages
SBN:    9781844862894
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Arthur Henry Rostron was the captain of Carpathia, the ship that came to the rescue of the distressed Titanic, rescuing over 700 survivors. Following the rescue, Rostron became the most celebrated and decorated master mariner of his generation, winning, among other awards, a Congressional Gold Medal. Following the Titanic rescue, Rostron served throughout the First World War, commanding the Cunard liner Mauretania, first as a hospital ship and then as a troop ship.

Come On The Tigers! by Kenneth Hillier
Published by Ashby de la Zouch Museum
8.50 + 2.50 UK P&P
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This tells the story of Philip Bent - born in Canada but educated at Ashby Boys' Grammar School. Trained for a career at sea, instead he joined the Army in 1914, serving with the 9th Battalion of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. He was killed, leading a counter-attack against the Germans at Polygon Wood during the Battle of Passchendaele. His bravery earned him a posthumous Victoria Cross. The book is well illustrated.

Images of Merseyside by Liverpool Echo
Published by Austen MaCauley Publoishers in 2017.
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paperback 192 pages
ISBN-10: 1859831141
ISBN-13: 978-1859831144

The fascinating photographs in this book range from the 19th century to the present day, from the archives of the Liverpool Echo. The emphasis is placed firmly before 1970 and all photos are fully supported by informative text. Includes a photo of John Masefield and some Conway cadets in 1938

Seafaring - The Full Story by Capt George P Boughton, Illustrated by Shoesmith.

Published by GB Publishing
Paperback, 316 pages
ISBN-10: 0957672829
ISBN-13: 978-0957672826
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Captain George P Boughton's maritime career began in 1881 at the age of 12, and thanks to his grandson, the founder of GB, this intriguing memoir of a life at sea is now available to a new generation of readers.

THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT "His book is genuine sea salt…warm colours of Mr Shoesmith’s pictures accord well with the romantic story [of days before steamships]"

THE SPECTATOR: "recalls emotions [on sea-life] that have fleeted from the minds of most"


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