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Alfie Windsor 1998
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The HMS Conway Image Archive - Art Gallery Albums

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Paintings Of The Ships & Places

Ship Offered & Rejected
1st Ship
2nd Ship
3rd Ship
HMS Conway 0
(HMS Vestal)
HMS Conway 1
HMS Conway 2
HMS Winchester)
HMS Conway 3
in commission as HMS Nile

Glynn Garth
Vestal is the ship that was offerred to the MMSA before
Conway 1 but refused as too small

HMS Conway 3 Plas Newydd

Conway 2
Being Broken Up
Conway 3
The Wreck

Conway Crag


Unknown Artists

Cartoons Drawings Paintings


Artists By Name (OC = Old Conway)

Andrew (OC) Howard-Jarvis
Andrews, Kevin

"ANR" (OC)
Hughes-Stanton (OC) Shannon (OC)
Hughes-Stanton (OC) misc works Shaw (OC)
Baden-Powell (OC)
Jerram (OC) Shoesmith (OC) - work produced while he was a cadet
Barnes (OC)


Shoesmith (OC) - later work featuring Conway
Birchill (OC) Jordan
Shoesmith (OC) - other later work
Bottomley (OC)


Bray King (Staff)



Kilner Smith
Carter (OC)
Kinghorn (OC)

Smith R

Chitham (OC)
Clark (OC)
Longbotham (OC) Speer
MacKay (OC) Spotlight Magazine
Cottingham Maggs Spurling
Courvoisier Masefield (OC)
Strange (OC)
Coventry Mason (OC) - Two paintings
Cox  Mason (OC) - Miscellaneous works The Cadet
Coxwell (OC) Mason (OC) Maritime scenes for railway companies Thorpe (OC)
Daniel (OC) McDowell Tomson (OC)
Davies McVey (OC) Turner W L  (OC)
Minton (OC) Turner W (OC)
Donnison (OC)

Ellis - the paintings

Morton Vaughan (OC)
Ellis - five page feature  about his Conway paintings New!

Fachiri Nibbs "WA"
Fisher (OC) Nutman (OC) Wade (OC)
Foster O'Reilly Walgate (OC)
Goddard (OC) Out (OC)  West (OC)
Graham-Brown (OC) Paterson
Harland Paton Williams I
Rodmell Williams R 
Russell-Flint, Sir William (Father of OC Francis) Williams (OC)
Hillhouse  Russell-Flint, Francis Murray (OC) Official War Artist WWII Worsnop (OC)
Hook (OC) Russell-Flint, Francis Murray (OC) Various images Wright

Russell-Flint, Francis Murray (OC)  Scenes for railway companies Wyllie

Russell-Flint, Francis Murray (OC) The Ship  Wynne-Jones




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