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The HMS Conway Trust

Registered Charity No. 275366

                           John F. Sheldrake (52-54)

Hon. Treasurer
                           C.B.Smith (58-60)

Hon. Secretary
                           M.Burrow (72-74)

                           51 Norman Road,
                           SE10 9QB



                           A.D.Braithwaite (47-49)
                           A.F.Smith (64-66)
                           J. McCaughrean (50-51)
                           V.P.Murray (Hon.)
                           R.O. Fairbairn (47-49)
                           R. Tansley
                           R.N. McGrail (49-50)
                           K.Huggins (66-70)
                           B.L.C.Kenny (72-74)
                           C.J. Steere (Hon.) (OW)

Hon Independent Examiner
C.H. Plummer (67-72)


The CONWAY CLUB, whose members are all former Cadets of H.M.S."CONWAY", established the charitable trust know as the H.M.S."CONWAY" TRUST on the 14th February 1978 in memory of the several training establishments known as H.M.S.CONWAY and all those who served there.


The objects of the Trust are to apply any monies which may be received on trust for the purpose of maintaining the Trust in perpetuity in accordance with the powers and provisions contained, for the benefit of those persons from the classes set out in the deed governing this trust and which are detailed below.

Benefits cover grants for the advancement of education generally and in particular in the subjects of good seamanship and safe navigation including, but not by way of limitation, grants to assist persons to take educational training courses of an outward bound nature or in training ships or in equiping themselves for a career at sea or in the Sovereign's Armes Forces or upon voyages of an adventurous nature.

A further object of the Trust is the relief of poverty among such persons as are detailed below. The beneficiaries of the Trust are drawn from the following classes of persons only :-

  1. Past or present Officers of the Royal and Merchant Navy and other of the Sovereign's Armed Forces of great Britain and the widows, widowers and children of such Officers.
    Note : The expression 'Officers' includes Midshipmen R.N., Cadets R.N., Honorary Cadets R.N., and Cadets or Apprentices or equivalent in the Merchant Navy.                                                                                                                                               Note: The expression 'Royal Navy' includes the Royal Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, The Royal Canadian Navy, The Royal New Zealand Navy, the Royal Indian Marine, The Royal Indian Navy, the South African Navy, the naval services of any of the Sovereign's colonies or former colonies, the Royal Marine Corps, the Women's Naval Services and the Reserves of any of the forgoing, provided that any person or the parent wife or husband of the class of persons referred to above served in any such services when part of the Sovereign's services.
    Note : The expression 'Merchant Navy' includes the Merchant Navies, the Coast Guard Services, the Fishing Services, the Pilot services and other maritime services in allegiance or formerly in allegiance to the Sovereign, providing that any person or the parent, wife or husband of the class of person referred to above served in any such services while such service was in allegiance to the Sovereign.
  2. Captain Superintendents, Officers, Headmasters, School Masters, Instructors and Cadets who have served in any of the H.M.S."CONWAY" institutions for at least two years or for such lesser period as the Trustees may decide in any particular case. Any descendant of any of the forgoing and any widow of those who have served in H.M.S."CONWAY" for the said two years or such lesser period as decided by the Trustees as above.
  3. Persons who wish to go to sea as officers of the Royal or Merchant Navy who may require assistance for such purpose. The expression 'Royal' or Merchant' Navy when used here includes any maritime services reserves thereof in allegiance to the Sovereign, whether being a service of the United Kingdom of Great Britain or elsewhere.
  4. Persons desirous of attending any educational establishment which has already taken the name of CONWAY in memory of H.M.S."CONWAY" in any part of its establishment, provided that any award is made to enable any such person to attend such establishment
    Note : One example of such an establishment is Kelly College at Tavistock in Devon, where one of its houses bears the name CONWAY.

The Trustees are also able to make grants or loans to any institution which is established for exclusively charitable purposes.

Organsiation & Operation

The number of Trustees shall be not less than five nor more than fifteen.

As long as the Conway Club comprises not less than five hundred members whose addresses are known to the Officers of the Conway Club, the Conway Club has the right to appoint a majority of the Trustees, the remainder being elected by Subscribers to the Trust, each Subscriber having one vote. Subscribers are those who pay an annual subscription to the Trust.

Annual General Meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday in July each year at Trinity House, London.

Subscription & Donations

The present annual minimum subscription is ten pounds and when this is received by the Hon. Secretary prior to the 31st December such subscriber is entitled to attend and vote at the following Annual General Meeting or appoint a proxy to do so.

Those who donate a lump sum of one thousand pounds or more become Life Subscribers entitled to attend and vote or appoint a proxy at every Annual General Meeting of the Trust, as are the President and Officers of the Conway Club while in office.

Donations and bequests to the Trust are always gratefully received and should be sent to the Hon. Secretary at the address above.

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