New Book  - HMS Conway: Then & Now In Photos
By Alfie Windsor (64-68)

This book is a companion volume to Alfie's much praised history of the ship. It is an A4 format, 204 page picture history with 705 photos covering every facet of the ship’s life. Each topic is described and illustrated with original black and white period photos and comparison colour photos showing the same scenes today. Topics include:
-     Important places like the Rock Ferry, Bangor and Plas Newydd moorings and landing stages, and the Sailors’ Home.
-    The three ships with the last described deck by deck including the incredibly detailed deck p
plans produced in 1953 with the viewpoint of every historic photo overlaid.
-    All Conway’s buildings and shore facilities including the Rock Ferry and Bangor playing fields and sanitoriums, the camp (including three surviving huts), all the buildings at Plas Newydd including the dock, and the two Conway Chapels.
-    Major events like the dry docking and figurehead masting in 1938, the transit to Bangor in 1941, the loss, wreck and fire, and the tents in 1953.
-    A tour along the Strait from the Britannia Bridge to“PD”.

The history of the ship’s numerous ensigns, crests and badges is described along with images of them all. Finally there is a detailed inventory of over 450 Conway artefacts and their whereabouts including major relics, silver, ship artefacts, works of art, boats, displays, archives and much, much more. If you wondered what happened to anything connected with Conway the answer is almost certainly here. Sample pages are on

The book will be printed on a pre-order basis only with just one print run of 500 copies.

Costs are £25 per copy plus P&P of: UK £3.30, Europe £10.50 and £17.20 everywhere else.

£5 from every purchase will be donated to the Plas Newydd Memorial Fund

To order email, phone 07703599220
or write to A Windsor, 2 French Grass, Bradford on Avon, Wilts BA15 1DX